Is it compatible?

I really love the Apple MacBooks. However, I want to purchase some Macromedia software: Studio 8 and Coldfusion MX 7. How compatible is this software with the Apple MacBook? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. This is serious and though I love to read smartass comments this time I would prefer serious answers. Preferably professionals in the graphig/ web design area.

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    i also have been looking in to the new mac books and you should not have any issues with the macromedia/adobe (ya adobe bought macromedia) software the issues are mainly with adobe cs2 but all those issues will be non existent when cs3 is released. i work with studio 8 at my work on a new intel based mac and havent knoticed any issues as of yet. also i would wait untill cs3 is released if you were thinking about getting that as well. the work around i have heard for cs2 is to get the windows version and run it in bootcamp or crossover .. hope this helps

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