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o man,who 2 start???

Which two receivers shall i start???

Steve Smith (vs. Tampa Bay)

Javon Walker (@ Oakland)

Marvin Harrison (vs. Buffalo)

and I believe Joe Horn is out,so what shall i do?


woah, find my 3 receivers on the page n tell me its not a tough decision 2 make

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    Steve Smith and Javon Walker

    Both these guys are going to have great games.... Harrison is great too but Buffalo def is the toughest out of the matchup you players are going against this week...

    Good Luck....

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    Smith is a must start every week. Oaklands Pass D is very good, so normally I would start Marvin against a not so good Buffalo pass D. However, there is a chance that weather will not be very permitting for passing and then there will be plenty of running. Also, Javon really seems to be hitting his stride and looks healthy and I would feel really bad to sit him and have him blow up again in sunny California. I would give a slight edge to Javon.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): GP Att. Yrds. Avg./Gm Avg TDs FDs 20+ 30+ 1. Oakland 8 128 1390 173.8 10.9 10 72 18 3 27.Buffalo 8 167 1834 229.2 11.0 11 91 23 2
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    Definatly go with Steve because the Panthers always light up Tampa so look for him to put up big numbers. And it would be tough between Javon and Marvin, but I'd go Javon because he is much more consistent, is really hot lately, and is going up against the very weak DB's of Oakland so the matchup is very favorable.

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    Start Smith and Harrison. Oakland is surprisingly tough against the pass.

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    Walker and Harrison...

    The Raiders have a horrible D, so Walker is sure to see the ball...

    The Bills have a pair of rookie Safeties on their starting D...

  • 1 decade ago

    you really cant go wrong with any combo, i would probably take walker bc i am a broncos fan, and smith, bc harrison blew up last week and i would expect reggie wayne to be involved this week, plus smith is a dog.

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    Walker and brainer

  • 1 decade ago

    harrison and smith.

    they start every week no matter what?

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