Isn't it so that Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, is third in line for presidential succesion?

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    Yes. Scary isn't it??

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    Heartfelt your a republican because that must have been the way you were thought to vote. Your comment on hillary being speaker of the house speaks volumes. Nancy is part of the representives where as Hillary is a senator two separate branches. There fore hillary wouldn't be speaker of the house. It doesn't make use fickle. Please try to find out more information on what's what in what office stand for what so when you vote your an informed voter. BE it republican or democrat. Yes if she gets elected by her peers then she will be the speaker of the house and second or third depending on how your counting. President Bush is first Vice-President Cheney is second and Speaker of the House is third. Unless your not counting president Bush because he already holds the position. Then Cheney would be first and Nancy Pelosi (provided she is elected) will be second.

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    Yes Nancy Pelosi WILL BE third in line for president once the new congressional term begins. After that, the president Pro Tempore of the Senate will be fourth in line. So whomever is the most senior democrat member of the senate will most likely get that position. Then the line goes in order of the various cabinet positions. They rank depending on when the office was created. So Condoleeza Rice would be next as the Secretary of State, then the Secretary of the Treasury Henry Poulson, and then the Secretary of Defense, and then the attorney general Alberto Gonzalez, and so on

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    Heartfelt, do some homework. Hillary is a SENATOR, Pelosi is a REPRESENTATIVE.

    Yes, as of January, Pelosi will most likely be second in line to the presidency. At that point, we will be as close as this nation has ever come to having a woman president.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Denny Hastert is Speaker. Nancy P. probably will be. It is true that the Speaker of the House is third in line to the Presidency.

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    properly, perhaps she's thinking all the illegals and counting those with diverse jobs diverse cases, lol. yet, i do no longer only think of we choose for a sparkling residing house speaker, i think of there are various politicians who choose for changing, Obama blanketed. That stimulus equipment turn into an entire comedian tale, and there's a lot money that the country is dropping, its unhappy.

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    You demo's are so fickled. What happened to Hillary, or was she yesterdays great speaker, and now that you have all gotten so star struck by Pelosi cause she can say just what you want to hear does this mean you might put Bill Clinton back in the toy box?

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    Yes she is, but if we get rid of Bush and Cheney she is the next in line, if she is elected speaker! That hasn't happened yet!

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    No she is second, it is the vice president and then the speaker of the house. This is scary with these sf values.

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    That will be true in January if the Democrats elect her as their leader.

    Almost makes you want to apply for the Secret Service.

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    Scarey, but yes, very much true!

    The Ol' Sasquatch Ü

    (I was sighted recently in WI) I like deer carcasses!

    I (also) Like Eggs!

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