What do u do when your 2 best friends want u and another dude tryin to get with u?

my best friend of 4 years now wants to get wit me and the other 1 confesed his feelings for me when i asked him to the military ball. I've liked both of them and i dont want to hurt niether one of them especially the 1 i asked to the milltary ball. His cousin/my best friend keeps pressuring us into this relationship he's up for it but im not we went 2gether for a lil while and i decided i wasn't happy and i told him but it seem to have gone through 1 ear and out the other. the people who aren't pressureing me are telling me i need to do it again but im scared i might hurt him and lose him and plus 1 of my other best friends want him and she got upset when she found out we were talking so i told her how i felt now its coming back to me that she saying i should have to her as soon as it happened but i dont even know when it exaclty happened.


My best friend of 4 years came ova my house and we be messing with each other as in flrting and stuff and he came out and told me i just dont give **** no more and told me he want to be with me and he sat me on his lap and we started chillin. The other dude comes in way before all this pops off but the bad part about it is he has a bad reputation of being a hoe he is so sweet and he mad cool but i dont know what to do because i dont want to hurt any body

Update 2:

o yeah i forgot to say my best friend of 4 years has a gurl friend he really dont like and the other best friend he on the rebound from a bad break up which he loved his ex girlfriend so im scared that his gonna dump me for her and this other dude aint got no girls no baby mamas so wht should i do

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    1 decade ago
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    pick ur favorite and go out with him. its that sinple.

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