I just found out why my friend wanted me to break up with my boyfriend, how can I go on?!?

Earlier today I had posted a question asking about why my guy-friend wanted me to break up with my boyfriend, well, it looks like it's because my ex-boyfriend is a lying, cheating, dirtbag with no heart. Anyway, how should I act around my ex-boyfriend in my classes at school (he is in three of them)?


Thanks guys, you really know how to bring the spirit up again....and I am not being sarcastic. Now I have to apologize to my friend for not believing him.

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    If you think things are going to be awkward, they will be. If you want them to be amicable and casual... they will be.

    It all depends on what you prefer... some people thrive on drama and you might be that person. If so, you can just not talk to him; ignore him like he doesn't and never existed.

    If you want to be civil with him, you can ask him to borrow a pen or something of that sort to break the ice and let him know everything is fine. Even if it's not... if you want it to be that way eventually, you need to start it off that way.

    It might be extremely hard to suck up your pride and not jab the pen through his eye (I know I would comtemplate it) but if civil is what you really want, it's not going to be easy.

    As for hating his guts and not ever wanting anything to do with him, just act like he doesn't exist... he will definitely notice but if he's a cheating dirtbag you probably won't care ;-)

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    I think that the thing that would bother him the most would be if you were to pretend like he doesn't exist and he means nothing to you. If he does something to specifically attain your attentions, look at and respond to him as though he were a stranger. Even if he does not care about you, it will hurt his pride to think that he has not devestated you beyond all recovery.

    Good luck.

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    Be the mature one about this. Give him a cold little smile and nod of your head to let him know you realize he exists. Don't say bad things about him to others. Act classy and above all the petty little things he lied about.

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    Be nice and speak to him and go on as if he never existed. Because kindness can just kill a person. Let him wonder what's her deal? Why isn't she all tore up? Be nice and see how he likes that.

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    Spend the extra time before school and look your hottest!!

    Walk tall like there's no tomorrow. If you feel he is looking at you, stare at him, don't blink.............show him just by being you, that he's the pus that feeds on the pus.

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    well first act like you moved on and smile and be how you used to be happy never show him your sad cause he's going to feel good cause some guy's like to hurt girls and then hate it when we act like nothing ever happened

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    mayb itz bcuz ure friend likes u! but u do wut u wanna do.

    dont let somebody else think 4 u.if u break up with him,let it b bcuz u chose 2 .take it frum a 12 year old girl


  • riti
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    just be cool and normal dont pay extra attention to him react as you react to your other classmates,with him aslo

  • jess l
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    1 decade ago

    don't make eye contact, avoid him, and switch classes asap

  • 1 decade ago

    Just suck it up and go on. That's all you can do.

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