i hate water!!!everytime i excercise i alway drink gatorate but not water.is that bad for me?

i do 2 hour of workout everyday include trendmill and abdominal crunch.but when i get very thirsty i only drink gatorate.i can not drink water.don't like the taste of water.but the more i drink gatorate the more i am thirsty.so help me!!what should i do?

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    You don't like water because you are used to the sugary drinks and anything less tastes horrible. But face it, water is extremely necessary for not only weight loss, but for a healthy body in general. This does not mean that gatorade is not good for you, but I personally feel like the best way for you to begin liking water again is to make it the only thing you drink.

    I used to hate water too, but now I have gotten into the mindset that water is the only beverage that will be consumed in my home and eventually you'll crave it when you become thirsty too. I don't even bother buying soda at the grocery store anymore. If you don't like the taste of tap water, get a water filter. If the best thing you enjoy about sports drinks is the convenience, buy some bottled water and store it in the fridge so you can just grab it.

    Water is necessary to your body in so ways, but from a weight loss/maintenance outlook, water allows your body to use carbohydrates as the energy glycogen. If you don't drink water, those carbs will just be extra calories.

    This is not to say that gatorade doesn't have a place in a healthy lifestyle, but limit yourself to one bottle or one glass and then sip water the rest of the day. I never sit down to watch tv or to do work at my best without having water, and it's such a good way to get extra fluids in.

    One trick I love: After drinking a sweet drink, I always want another, but I always immediately go brush my teeth and tongue to get the taste out of my mouth. Very few drinks taste very good with the minty taste - but water is sooo yummy. I promise. :)

    The first few days after upping your intake of water, your urine will probably be nearly clear and you're gonna have to pee like you don't believe. Eventually you'll slow down to normal speed.

    Good luck!

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    Gatorade is little more than flavored sugar water. It may replace some electrolytes you lost through sweating, but remember it is still pure sugar. If you are young, healthy and have no family history of diabetes I wouldn't worry much. The continued thirst is caused by the sugary stuff you drank. Gatorade is carbs. The more carbs you take in the more you crave. Sugar is a lot like salt in its action in the cell. A large amount of carbs takes fluid out of the cell and pulls it into the interstitial fluid surrounding the cell. Therefore, the cell is "dry" and seeks out more fluid, hence-thirst. If you are going to continue to drink Gatorade, try to alternate with bottled water. It will taste better than tap water in most places

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    No, not BAd, but it's not great and its very expensive.

    What the pro's do is add a splash of gatorade to their water just to give it a taste of something other than water. In football, that jug of gatorade they dump on the coaches head is 2 bottles of Gatorade to like 10 gallons or more of H2O.

    Nothing hydrates you like water, bno matter what the advertisers say (lie). Your workout will be that much better if you thin down the gatorade with the good stuff. WAWA.

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    You should try drinking water, gatorade is nothing but sugar. See, your getting thirsty because your getting dehydrated, or losing water, from your body. Drink some water. Please.

    Good Luck.

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    Try putting fresh lemon or lime juice in the water. Gatorade is OK, but it has sweeteners, and you don't need all liquids to have electrolytes. Lots of water is treated and tastes disgusting. Bottled water is bad, too. If you need something else, try diluting juice or Gatorade.

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    Drink water..

    Bad Girl..

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    I think Gatoraid is alright... It's better than water for sports because it replaces electrolytes or something like that... but I also heard that it can have too much sodium.

    I think water is the best... maybe you could try flavored water.

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    gatorade is an electrolyte it is there to replenish the water you lose while working out, (or good hangover medicine), but you still need to drink water every day even if it is just one glass because you will overload your body with salt and sugar if you don't

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    Yes, I was actually talking to my doctor not too long ago and he brought up that drink.. and he showed me a sheet with different facts on it and it compared it with other drinks, and it is by far, one of the worst drinks for you. I haven't drank it since!

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    Finally, someone else who hates water!! Me too.

    Does absolutely nothing for my thirst. But Gatorade..doesn't it have "salt" in it? or something that makes people more thirsty?

    check the label..

    I drink apple juice..lots of apple juice/no sugar..

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