Was Jesus God?

if jesus was god, then why would he bother praying to god?

Throughout the gospel, Jesus prays to god and speaks of himself as being separate from god, but people still believe they are the same.

Jesus does also say that he and the father are one, but doesnt the bible speak in the same way about married people?

What do you think?

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    Jesus is god only in title. This is like possessing the title of Doctor. Not all doctors are equal, agree? Jesus is not the Almighty God, as those hard headed Trinitarians would like to portray him. You are right. In addition he himself: (a) admitted that his Father is greater than he is, (b) he acknowleged being a worshipper of his God, (c) he has limited powers like: he doesn't know when the world will end, he has no power to appoint who will sit at his right hand.

    Source(s): Read John 1:1; 14:28;20:17 Matthew 20:20-23; 24:36.
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    No Jesus is not and cannot be God Almighty.

    Trinity (or 3-in-one Deities) is a pagan belief transferred to Christendom’s Doctrine. Scriptures have been tampered with, (KJ 1Jo 5:7), and God’s personal name has been removed from the bible text to help sell this false belief. It is not taught in the Bible anywhere. Jesus Christ did not teach it to his followers. It is a difficult, if not impossible concept for anyone to rectify and harmonize with true, important Bible concepts such as the Ransom and the messiah-ship.

    Jesus Clearly and repeatedly showed himself to be separate and subordinate to his heavenly father who is named in the Bible several thousands of times, (Jehovah). His apostles consistently manifested a belief in a supreme being who was not the same individual as Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ is the name of the individual who was transferred by supernatural power to the womb of a virgin to become a perfect HUMAN. He was the very first thing created by the creator. Before becoming human, his very being was exactly the same as his creator’s. His very personality, his goals, his desires, his love, is exactly the same as his father. Everything else created was created by the father but through and with the son. He became God’s spokesman or mouthpiece and that is why he carries the name and title “Word”. He commands all of the armies of angels. He is the authentic “seed” who will champion all of the Creator’s purposes and return the universe to the situation originally purposed by Jehovah God the creator, as the King of God’s Kingdom, (A government with a heavenly seat). He is the Messiah, and the Ransomer who redeemed the lives of all humanity by paying the ransom price lost by the original human pair. He gave his perfect human life to pay that price. He did not pay that ransom price with a Creator’s life or a God’s life. His father, (a separate all powerful individual who was still alive) Resurrected him from death, (Hell) to a life once again as a spirit creature like he was before and sat him on a throne at his right hand to wait until his Kingdom rule was to begin.

    Holy Spirit is not an individual personality; it is God’s active force or power.

    Christendom will be held responsible for the perpetuation of the filthy trinity doctrine.

    Source(s): John 5:14-24, Phil 2:5-11, Col 1:15-20, Jo 14:27,28, Mat 24:36, Prov 8: 22-31, Mark 10:35, John 1: 1 then 18 then 14 Acts 2:31,32
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    Jesus is not God. He is the Son of God. The phrase "Son of God" refers to Jesus as a separate created being, not as part of a Trinity. As the Son of God, he could not be God himself, for John 1:18 says: "No one has ever seen God."

    The disciples viewed Jesus as the "one mediator between God and men," not as God himself. (1 Timothy 2:5) Since by definition a mediator is someone separate from those who need mediation, it would be a contradiction for Jesus to be one entity with either of the parties he is trying to reconcile. That would be a pretending to be something he is not.

    The Bible is clear and consistent about the relationship of God to Jesus. Jehovah God alone is Almighty. He created the prehuman Jesus directly. Thus, Jesus had a beginning and could never be coequal with God in power or eternity.

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    He also goes on to say that He and the apostles are one, which means they have the same goal.

    Remember the Model prayer where He said to pray to the Father and let His name be sanctified.

    Jesus also said that no one was good except God, when a man called him good teacher.

    The trinity was established in 325 a.d. after a vote by the bishops in a meeting that was controlled by a roman emporor. Many pagan religions worshipped trinities including babylonian, egyptian, greek, and hindu.

    Bible verses such as 1 John 5; 7 in the King James Version have been found to be inserted by trinitarian translators, because ancient manuscripts do not contain the phrase there.

    Source(s): The 2 Babylons
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    Because God is the Trinity - Three in One

    1. God - the Father - Creator

    2. Jesus - the Son - the Redeemer

    3. The Holy Spirit - the Enabler

    Prayer is Jesus speaking to His Father, showing us how to communicate.

    Married people become one flesh - different concept from God as spirit.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible - New American Standard
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    He spent His entire public life doing things only God could do. What more proof could He have provided? And since God is three distinct Persons, why wouldn't God the Son talk to God the Father?

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    Jesus prayed mostly as an example to us.

    Do you never talk to your Father? God is the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the comforter. All three are different aspects of one God.

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    well its not really that hard to understand,look at it this way.You are one person,however you can play many rolls.,you can be a father,you are a son,and you have a spirit(your soul) but you are only one person.God was a spirit,without form,he robed himself in the flesh and was born of a virgin so he could walk among us on earth,he took on this bodily form so he could relate to us,he was tempted yet he never sinned.When Jesus died on the cross,he laid his life down ,he allowed them to hang him on the cross,he died so that the blood he shed could cover our sins,when he cryed out father,father,why hast thou forsaken me,that was his flesh crying out to the spirit,after he died on the cross he sent back his spirit which is the Holy Spirit,or some say Holy Ghost,same thing so that it could be our comforter,he clearly stated to his discipiles that he was going away but that he would send back a comforter which was the Holy Ghost.After he died the disciples was gathered in the upper room and the spirit if the Lord was in there and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with gloven tongues.

    Source(s): Was Jesue God?
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    Genesis 1 speaks many times of God reffering to Himself as "us."

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    Jesus was the life form of God. Jesus was called his son but was created a human-form. I see it as God being reborn into a human. Jesus came from God so he called him his son.

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