What is the best way to partition your hard drive?

My laptop was sick and now I want to partition a new install of xp pro. What is the best way to partition the hard drive. Should it be 50/50 or 20/80 compacity of hard drive. I only have a 60gig.

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    Well, that depends on your personalization. If you want, you can make a 15 gig drive just for the windows, 30 gigs for you own stuff, and if you install lots of programs, you can as well dedicate 15 gigs for programs in another drive. If you don't install much programs, just dedicate 15 for C: and 45 for D:

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    You can use Acronis Disk Director to partition your hdd. It's a fully featured software with user friendly interface. Of course you can partition by Windows' utility but ADDS will be useful for you to perform some special tasks such as data recovery and several operating systems management.


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    Try 40/60

    Your Windows XP need a space for the windows system.. give the windows system 40% and 60% for your data's mp3, etc..

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    Partition Magic, best program for this sort of thing

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    make partition with the winxp bootable CD....if u don't have any other partition utility software...it would be better if the hard disk partition is 30GB for winxp---20GB for software backup and remaining 10 for music or entertainment..

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