please help me.?

i want a girlfriend soooooooooooooooooo badly.i was wondering if u guys can help me like give me advice how i can get one in brooklyn new york.i love girls,u see im in high school and im a freshmen so how can i get me a girlfriend?plz help

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    no woman is going to love you until you love yourself.

    stop acting and sounding desperate. dress and act with confidence... for God's sake pull up your pants, as they look ridiculous hanging off your a**....

    be cocky and funny, without being condescending and rude

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    The best way is to bring along someone you 'like' into something you like to do. May not always turn into a girlfriend, but it is always fun and it doesn't take too many 'tries'.

    Start simple, test the waters, "we ought to hang out sometime..." was always my favorite non-threatening-pick up. You could always tell where you stood within seconds. If they like you the response will either be 'hot' or 'warm'. 'Hot' being a direct invitation to you, example, "well gotta work this weekend, but going to see a movie Sunday night you should come..." 'Warm' clear but not planned, example "we SHOuld hang out sometime." The key to this is to have an event ready, a walk, a movie, ice skating, dinner, a hobby, don't leave the warm response with nothing or else the door is closed, maybe always.

    A 'cool' response sounds like "pretty busy, I'll let you know..." Let that one come to you. It may, it may not but it won't help to push.

    A 'cold' response is a flat 'I have to work/study/save the world, all weekend"... Don't even look a second time, it is not gonna happen.

    Over time you will learn when to be more specific and when to walk. Keep in mind if you are having fun living life on your terms others will want to join in. Be open to trying lots of different things, and remember most gals love to go dancing. Loose any semblance of the 'white boy over-bite' dance and you are a shoe-in with the opposite sex.

    PS- "Poindexters" of any race can do the horrible 'white boy over-bite' dance. Don't let this tragedy befall you.

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    become friends with girls and try to get to know them and their interests, maybe you can hook up with up of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Stop being so desparate.

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    how old are you?

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