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how do i become a voice actor???

im 17 and im turning 18 soon

ever since i was 11 i like dragonball z and other anime

after watchin the shows i thought it was so cool that those people can make there voices like that and i figured out thats what i wanted to do

is there a way to start learning and helping me do this

cuz its a cool dream of mine

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    Being an AVA myself, I can give you a few hints.

    Obviously, you need a decent microphone.

    Grab a 20-30 dollar USB headset mic from Radioshack, or, if you spend a little more, the Samson C01U USB condenser microphone. ($70-$80).

    Second, get a decent audio recording program.

    Cool Edit pro and Adobe Audition are common, but a little expensive. Audacity, on the other hand, is free. Do a little search for it.

    Lastly, make yourself a voice demo( and start auditioning for things! is a good place to start.

    Some tips:

    Hope this answers your question, and I look forward to seeing you on the VA scene!

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    Good for you! Voice acting is a great career to reach for, but very competitive.

    I'm not much on recording studios; I know that Funimation, an anime producer, has one in Texas and another in California. You could probablly find out easily.

    Voice acting seminars are offered in many places, as well as drama classes. The key is to audition, audition, audition. I would have to say that 99% of auditions will reject you, provided you audition for many things, so get used to it. Make a good impression on directors and fellow actors, and be yourself. Don't use an incredible, unnatural voice that you can't reproduce the next day. Singing is a great way to warm up; I suggest you practice that too.

    And don't worry about your age, either. Many voice actors are young children; although, when their voices change, they may loose their career(pwned)...

    And most of all, know your character! Don't get there and decide, "Oh, this personality is wrong," and if you know you can't pull it off, then don't embaress yourself trying(although, being nervous is something else; you'll think you can't, when really you have the part in the bag!).

    I'm five years younger than you, but I still have the same, good, DBZ roots(from when I was two. ._.). Right now my voice isn't great, but I'm working on my acting, so that when it matures I might have a chance to exersize it.

    See you in the studios!


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    1. Take acting/drama class. Alot of voice actor "act" as they stand and voice so they can voice properly to fit the character.

    2. Know your companies, and keep looking for audtion whether its for a game or a show. Being a VA is no easy ride.

    3. If I remember closely, Voice actor earn based on a per episode basis. You get x dollars for acting 100 lines in one episode, and you still get x dollars for acting out much less lines in another. If you get "popular", you might get the chance to bargain abit.

    Seriously, Good luck.

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    If you don't naturally have an unusual voice, you have to develop one for the trade your choosing. Second live in an area where they produce cartoons. I know Universal Studios in Orlando does....I don't know where Disney produces theirs. I would imagine some cartoons are produced in Hollywood. Watch the credits at the end of some cartoons and see where they are produced. Then contact them and set up an audition! Good luck!

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