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Help about ebay please.?

When someone wants to buy the item you are selling, what do you do next. Ship it out? Or confirm ebay to pick it up? Please help me step by step. Thank you.

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    First, how is the person paying for it? NEVER ship anything until you have received payment. If they are paying by money order or cashier's check, wait until you receive it and then you can ship the item. It is not a good idea to take personal checks. If you do, give it 7 to 10 days to clear their bank before you ship the item.

    If they pay by Paypal, then you can go through Paypal and pay for postage and print out a shipping label. You have to be very sure you have weighed the package properly, however.

    If you are new at this, it would probably be better to mail it from the post office in the beginning.

    A key thing to remember is to stay in contact with the buyer during all this. Let the buyer know when you receive payment, when you ship their item out, and leave positive feedback for them if it was a good transaction.

    I have been on eBay since 1997, so feel free to email me if you have more specific questions.

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    1. Wait until the auction ends.

    2. Ebay will send you a notification of the winning bidder and give you the option of sending an invoice to the buyer. Send them an invoice.

    3. The buyer will pay you. Do not send anything out until you get your money!! If you are using PayPal, you will get a notification of payment from PayPal.

    4. After you get the payment, you can print out an invoice on PayPal (if you use it) with the buyers name and address on it. If you don't use PayPal, you can communicate with the buyer as to what name and address to send it to.

    5. Depending on the method of shipping, you should then send it out. It is really easy to go to the Post Office and ship via Priority Mail, they even provide boxes for you. You can also have them pick the item up, but you will need to have it ready (boxed and ready to ship). It's also really easy to get boxes for future Ebay sales, you can go online to the USPS and order Priority Mail boxes for free.

    6. Once you ship the item, it's really nice to send the buyer an email and let them know you have shipped the item. I also like to leave positive feedback if the buyer paid promptly and let them know that you did so, asking them to leave positive feedback for you if possible. Feedback scores are really important to some buyers, as it tells them that you are a reliable seller.

    It is very important to never ship anything out without getting paid first. I would also suggest if you don't have one, set up a PayPal account so that the funds can get to you sooner and secure.

    I hope this helps!

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    ebay doesnt pick up anything, what are you thinking?

    you ship it out or you tell the buyer to pick it up if it is a large item or if they are close by.

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    When the buyer had paid, ship it to them (the buyer)! You can email them to tell you that it was shipped.

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  • you need to wait until the auction ends.

    then you send them the invoice.

    after they finish paying, then you print a postage label through paypal.

    affix postage label to box and drop it as usps.

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