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When he says "I am not over you but you gave me no choice"?

I broke up with a guy becase he asked me to marry him he wouldn't tell his friends or family. 2 weeks after we were engaged he has been seeing someone new and says he has only kissed her. He says because I broke it off it is my fault, should I just let it go and move on or try to get him back?

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    let it go. if he was serious, today he still standing in front of your window bringing you a bucket of flower in the morning.

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    Let 'em go. If he was willing to let go of his *engagement* to you for a kiss from another girl, he's clearly not ready to be married.

    Depending on what the issues are, it sounds like you should just drop it. He was probably looking for some excuse to break it off.

    Good luck.

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    you should not take him back. if he's not willing to tell his friends or family, then when will he tell? its not your fault that you broke off the engagement. he had been seeing someone. who knows if he had been screwing with you. he could of gotten some action while with this person. if he really loves you, he wouldnt be seeing this other woman

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    M o v e o n. Be thankful that life just gave you a nice little hint. now don't ignore it. Thank life for doing that and show life how much you appreciate it by moving on, becoming stronger, wiser, better, more independent, more secure, smartert, more vivacious, more determined, more secure and so on!! it's a new begining,,,, be happy and grateful that you got one :)

    PS., don't hate him or be resentful... appreciate what he taught you and be strong girl. We all depend on the strong females to lead the way. I'm a leader,,,, be one too!

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    Very simple here. Once you are that serious about someone else to ask their hand in marriage, it is considered cheating if you have as much as phone sex or a overly flirty conversation with someone else unless of course you are both foolish enough to believe that seeing other people actually ever happen with life ever after together.

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    Let him go. He can love you if he will be willing to kiss another girl. I would move on because you will find someone who really loves you.

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    He is a cheater. Not only that, but he is also refusing to take responsibility for his actions, and blames everything on you instead.

    Why do you want him back exactly?

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    You blew it. Good for him for going on with his life.

    Ending a relationship is not a negotiation tactic. You can't blame him for taking you seriously.

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    hmmmm, let him go. Um no... for sure....kick him to the curb. IO hope the girl he is with now dumps him before she gets hurt too!

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    let it go

    if he really loved you then he wouldn't

    of kissed her,and he wouldn't of

    said that 'because you broke it off it's your fault'

    that's a bunch of bull..

    no offense.

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