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What would you do if you had a houseful of illegals living next door to you?

Would you stand by and watch your property value decline?


For the few who answered dishonestly, your full of crap! You would not stand by and see your property value decline, after all your hard work, and if you did, then you have'nt any pride! Sorry for you!

Update 2:

Santa, no pride!

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    How would you know they are illegal? Are you just making assumptions because they are different from you? I live next door to some US citizens, and they are declining my property values, by having junk cars parked all over the place and weeds growing on their property.....What can I do? Hope and pray they move and mind my own business and accept that some people are slobs....

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    Depends on what you mean by a houseful. If there's 20 to 40 people living in a house, it tells me they're probably illegally here, regardless of their nationality.

    Secondly, if they were good neighbors, I'd go about my business and let them be.

    If however, they were destroying the property, setting up tents in the yard, making loud noises late at night, pooping and peeing in the yard, fighting alot, littering the yard with beer bottles or cans and other trash, etc. I'd want them to move.

    I'd start by contacting their landlord, if that did no good,

    I'd call the police to file a complaint of desturbing the peace or for whatever laws they were breaking. If that didn't work,

    I'd probably contact ICE (or whatever they're called now). If they didn't work,

    I'd move.

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    I would move. Before I did I would get to know them a little. find out their names, their children's names get the kids to talking. Find out where the parents work. Collect information on them and write it down, keep a special note book with dates and times. It must be done if you want results.

    If they have any car parts missing on their vehicles, you can report them for that to the City. You can also report to the city for weeds and garbage. Call and ask your City Enforcement what you can do. They're very helpful, tell them they're running down every ones property values they'll sympathize with you, just be nice and polite.

    Call ICE (Immigration Center and Enforcement) They have an 800#.

    If they let small children under the age of 10 roam alone call the police. They have to report it to Child Protection Services.

    Get the other neighbors on your side and watch and wait.

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    For one answer, just because they are illegals does not mean the property value would go down. If I knew or suspected they were illegal, my duty as a citizen would be to inform the authorities. They are breaking the law and should be turned in. There are alot of PC answers to your question, none address that they are breaking the law. If you witnessed a hit and run accident , but the person that got hit was not injured , would it make the hit and run less illegal ? People who break the law need to be turned in. A society without laws is a society that fails.

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    I live in Central California, where it is absolutely impossible to know which neighbor is legal and which isn't with absolute certainty. In fact, the nicest side of town is mostly people of different races and some definitely might seem illegal - but their property value is awesome. As a homeowner myself, I do want to keep my land as nice as possible, but whether or not my neighbors are legal or not makes no difference... Many illegal immigrants actual have nicer homes because they work so hard to keep up an appearance of being "good" citizens, while *some* legal Americans remain lazy and their property looks much worse.

    As for what would I do? Well, seeing how I am college educated, American born, free-thinking home owner AND I am bi-lingual, I'd probably say hi and ask them over for a BBQ sometime. If they are good neighbors, I wouldn't mind having them over.

    And this is my HONEST answer!

    Oh, and just to add to this: for all of you concerned with "your duty" I suggest you 1) vote and 2) check out Megan's Law for the nearest sex offenders in your neighborhood. Odds are, they are 60yr old white men. Why is it that immigration inflames you so much, while sex offenders are being let out of prison in less than 7 years! Believe me, when I went to buy my 2nd home - a sex offender in the neighborhood kept me from buying in a very nice community. I'd rather have an illegal immigrant for a neighbor than an American born sex offender. If your concerned with property value - a sex offender is much worse to have in town than an immigrant!

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    Funny story about that:

    When my dad was a kid, there was an apartment building famous for renting to apartments to several families at once (usually illegal immigrant families) about a mile away from where he lived. On Halloween one year, he- along with a few friends- threw smoke bombs into the hallway and watched what happened from across the street. Every light went on, people started screaming, and all of the parents started running out. Instead of bringing their kids out, however, the very first things brought out from the apartments were TV sets, VCRs, and (in quite a few cases) beer. Ever since then, he laughs his *** off whenever people start talking about the great parents that illegal immigrants make. ;-) Just in case you needed something to brighten your day.

    -That being said, I’d probably start off by getting a large number of people in my neighborhood to report them to ICE. This probably would not do much, but hopefully they'd know we tried. The next step would be to try to get a person to buy the house from them. My neighborhood is considered a popular place to live, and a lot of houses get sold to people that rebuild and/or remodel them. (They'd probably get a few good offers.) The final, last resort step would be to pull something like I posted above. (Not to send them a death threat, but to make them feel unwelcome.) There are enough kids that would be eager to pull that off, so that wouldn't be too hard to start. I would only move if nothing worked, as I wouldn't want them to win.

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    Wait a second, how do you know people is answering dishonestly? You may have to face the fact that not everyone is as racist as you seem to be.

    And by the way, if I had a houseful of undocumented immigrants living next door I'd try to be as nice as possible tolet them know that some people in this country still has a sense of humanity.

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    I'd call whoever I needed to call to get them a one-way ticket back to wherever they came from. If we all start picking and choosing which laws we obey and which laws we can ignore, there will be nothing left of this country.

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    If I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that they were illegals, I would contact 1) my congressman, 2) immigration authorities, and 3) my local newspaper.

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    I would call I.C.E. (Immigration & Custom Enforcement Birou). They take u serious & u don't have to say who u are & they take action. I would call on them illegals or any illegal, if that matters, even if he/she a co-worker.

    U will find their 800 number on the net by searching I.C.E.

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