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which major requires more studying, a BA in English or a BA in psychology?

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    Depends what facet of English you end up specialising in. From what I've heard though, I'd say psychology would require more studying (i.e. learning facts and principles) and English would require more reading.

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    I got a double major in undergrad; Psychology and English. Generally I found there was more studying for Psych, but it depends on the teachers and the curriculum. While Psych -- on average -- required more study, I had some English courses that required more study than some of the Psych courses.

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    Unless you are very familiar with psychology, then I would say that psychology would require more formal studying. However, you may end up doing more reading and writing with an English degree. It probably won't require as much memorization of facts but a higher level of creativity and thinking.

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    Check out some of the books out there on Psych grad schools - the requirements vary. Some schools want you to have an undergraduate degree in Psych, while others may not be so specific. It also depends on which direction you want to go in Psych - there are a lot of sub-areas within the field of study. But start with going to Borders/Amazon/etc. for a book or two on Psych grad school programs - there are several good books out there that talk about what the programs are looking for (including GPA, GRE's, etc). Hope this helps!

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    That would depend on the person that is taking the classes. Some people might find that they need to study quite a bit for a certain class, while another person might not need to study at all. Which ever subject comes easiest to you would require the least amount of studying.

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    No question a BA in English.

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    Equal amounts of studying different types of reading. In English you will be reading more fiction, critigues and analyisis of work. In Psych you will be reading case studies, theory and practice.

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    I think both of them.

    (you know everything requires hard working...)

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