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What are some 'cool' drinks to get at the bars?

Every time I mind goes blank, ya know? What do you all like to order?

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    I don't know what's "cool," but I typically order:

    At least one long island iced tea

    A Ketel One Martini (dirty)

    Sometimes a cosmo, but never on the same night as a martini, don't know why.

    Malibu and pineappe, until I got sick of Malibu (also not very strong)

    UV Blue and Lemonade until I got sick of both UV Blue and Lemonade

    Old Fashioned

    Shot: 1 part Goldschlager, 1part Rumpelmintz, 1 part Jaeger

    Whiskey Sour

    Vodka Sour

    However, typically I tell the bartender to make me something "strong and fantastic." The bartenders I know like to be creative.

  • Here a re a few for you to try...


    Surfer on Acid (with pineapple not orange and filled with cranberry)

    There is also a drink called the Houdini or Mystic or something like that that is made of melon liquor and Champaign.

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    Copper Camel- Butterscotch Schnapps and Bailey's

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    joe john's method - tastes good! kinda like a capri sun

    equal parts - hypnotiq and tequila (good tequila - not jose)

    splash of peach schnapps

    add some: Pineapple juice, lemon juice

    and drink!

    I also like cherry bombs (drop shot) of redbull and cherry vodka - not a lot, but a couple-its not new or anything, but doesn't leave you sitting there with an elbow on the table either.

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    Rusty Nail....2 shots Scotch, one shot Drambui = Lost week-end

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    It's called a Golden Cadilac. It's served in a Martini glass and oh, so good. Also try a Grasshopper Martini for fun minty fun.

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    Sooooo many choices....

    Order a Cosmo (Cosmopolitan)... very "Sex and the City"... (contains voda, Cointreau (orangy liqueor), and cranberry juice).

    Others: Apple-tini, Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar, Screwdriver, Mojito or the common Margarita... it depends on what you like...

    Have fun!

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    Flaming Dr. Pepper. drinks that are ignited are banned here now but they used to be awesome. if you can get one you will love it. it has bacardi 151 in it which is the flammable part. It doesn't have Dr. Pepper in it at all but once you drink it it tastes just like on. kinda funny

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    In terms of liquors I highly recommend the french drink Contreau. It is to die for.

    Sex on the beach.


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