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After play gym i feel whole body very pain , what should i do to reduce the pain?

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    Muscles can sore for a number of reasons and outside of overworking them and conditioning them for regular exercise there are a few other things that can be the culprit. One BIG one is not performing the exercises correctly or not positioning yourself (setting up equipment) correctly. Then using too much weight can cause damage so be cautios. Using too much weight usually causes you to use ballistic movements to complete repetitions (jerking the weights to complete the move). Then there is the buildup of lactic acid that the body gets from exercising the muscles - this is where massage can help too move the lactic acid out tof the muscle fibers and also break apart twisted and tight muscle fibers. Then consider propere hydration - drink a lot of water, you will feel better. Be sure you are taking in a proper amount of proteins and have a good diet so that you muscles recover and rebuild properly. Don't forget to stretch and warm up before a workout AND don't forget to stretch at the END of you workout. Lastly, make sure you have a well rounded work out and use a regular schedule; you should never let more than three days lapse between a workout and if you are serious you should try for every couple of days.

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    i will completely understand what you recommend. Being Indian you could no longer often avert rice or wheat. So carbs an argument there. I had an identical situation. What i do is flow swimming 2-thrice each week for roughly 45mins and something of the week i admire artwork out utilising those dance exercises extra with some exercises like crunches, situps and few different to tone out. It has worked out fantastically lots for me as i've got lost approximately 30lbs. As for the nutrition you dont ought to completely decrease out on rice, yet instead you ought to exchange brown rice for basmati and as for naan (bread) you ought to merely take some huge-unfold rotis with out ghee(saturated butter). i be attentive to indian vegetarian nutrition are very rich in protiens it extremely is stable. merely watchout for the carbs. And for snacks you have a million/2 bowl fat unfastened youghurt or some carrots. i be attentive to indian nutrition could have lots of junk nutrition interior the call of snacks yet i'm afraid you will ought to provide up on all those and flow healthful with organic nutrition (no longer processed). merely limits those candies and snacks for in elementary terms particular activities. remember a healthful determination makes a rich residing =) Goodluck!

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    this is probably because your body is not used to excecise. Take it slowly and once you become a regular at the gym for a few weeks, the pain should dissappear. Take it easy.

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    That depends on how often you go. If you only go once in a while, then yes, you're body will feel achy cause it's not used to it. If you go on a regular day to day basis, you shouldn't feel bad cause you're body would be used to doing the work you may be doing.....that's if you don't overdo it.

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    one thing you can do is exercise a little more everyday...i had the same problem in 4th grade....i just wasn't in good shape...i'm not saying you aren't .....but i'm just saying that i played a little out side everyday and it decreased the pain little by little till it was all gone....if you do any sort of physical activity a little every will ease the pain

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    Don't over work yourself. Continuing to do this can result in future muscle damage. You give yourself the higher risk now for muscle cramps and tears. Do you warm up & stretch properly before you begin your excersises!?

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    calm down a little in the gym. you're over working you're mucsles! I am doing the same thing now and I just figured this out.

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