It has been 5 months and I can't get over her. What can I do?

My ex-fiance were together for 4 1/2 years and she moved out 5 months ago. She said she needed time and that she wanted to be alone. We have been e-mailing almost daily and have seen each other a handful of times. We have now cut-off communication because she said it was unhealthy if one feels more than the other. She is right, but that doesn't make it any easier. When we were together I took her for granted. Now that she is gone I miss her so much and have realized what she truly means to me and what an amazing woman she is! Although I did tell her all the time when we were together how great she was. Is it too late for us? She says she has moved on. I don't think she is seeing anybody because she has made it very clear she wants time to herself. No men! She is always honest so I believe that. I am now giving her time and space (5months later) Should I wait for her? Should I try to move on? So far I have not been able to, It is so hard.... I want to be with her. Help

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    Well, she was a smart woman. She hung on to you for almost 5 years without you even asking to marry her--and that was more than enough time.

    Sorry, but you are not the man for her. You took her for granted--and now its too late. She probably is single like she says--because she needs time to heal and grow. And she probably revels in the Peace and space she has to herself..But if she is a good woman, and if she is cute--then some man will come along soon--and he wont make her wait no 5 years before he puts a ring on he finger, and he'll treat her the queen she is.

    Look, sounds like you like to still play, so go out here and find you some little girl who wants a superficial relationship. Your ex has grown into a Woman now--and she is out of your league now.

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    well mate its ur turn to go down... put ur male ego aside and go tell her how much u love her.. u need to make her realise how much u miss her. ur gal should love u man she has not found anyone so far... go ahead give it ur best shot...

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    maybe the feeling you have now are what she wonted you to feel and understand. have you explained to her that you get it now and see if you guys could slowly work it out

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    move on and get a new girl friend

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