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I just recived 3 points..what just happend?

How does this point system work...

Asking costs me 5...

Answering gives me 2 or 3 points

How many do i get for best answer?

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    You get 10 for best answer, 2 for answering a question and 3 for picking a best answer on your own question,

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    You gain three points for choosing the best answer to a question you asked.

    Sometimes you may gain a point for being on the site, or a thumbs up for a best answer you provided, while you are in the process of answering a question. You're notified of the points when you next see a question.

    You can see how you receive the most recent points you earnt by clicking the My Q&A link, scrolling down the page, and clicking "My recent activity" tab. It will list the last six sets of points whether you asked questions, answered questions, voted best answers, received a best answer, received a thumbs up for a best answer, or got a point for logging in.

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    If you answer a question right when you first log on you get 3 points. One for logging on the first time and 2 points for the answer. You get 10 points for best answer. Hope this helps.

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    10 for best. 2 to answer. 5 to ask...don't know where the 3 came from.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You get 10 points

  • ~~
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    1 decade ago

    If you just chose a best answer, thatll give you 3 points back.

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