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I am I going to have another baby by next year?

I have a 2 year old right now and I am married to my husband of 3 years.

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    i don't know. i tried for 3 years after my daughter turned 2.

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    Good Luck, I have 2 & another on the way. My daughter was 2 years 9 months when my son was born it was great she had just potty trained

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    by next year your 2yr old will be 3. it's ok to have another baby. at least your 2yr old will be more independent and have a friend to play that age he/she can adapt to the idea of having another baby around. i had 2 kids in two years. at first it was a bit tough. but now khairina' is almost 3 and Farhana as 14 months and she just learn to walk, they become good friends and i can do my daily chores better without Farhana clinging around me. believe me, it'll do wonders.

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    if your ? is are you going to have another baby my magic 8 ball says maybe no one can tell you if you are or arent sorry but good luck

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