How easy is it to get fetal alcohol syndrome?

Do you have to drink one beer or thirty beers? Do you have to drink through the entire preganancy or does it only take one day? I was told that some can drink the entire pregnancy and not get it yet one who drank one sip could get it and vice versa.

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    They're not quite sure, I'm sure it depends on the individual in question, but it wouldn't take alot.

    How much is Safe?

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    * What is fetal alcohol syndrome?

    * How much alcohol is safe during pregnancy?

    * Fetal Alcohol Syndrome At A Glance

    What is fetal alcohol syndrome?

    Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the sum total of the damage done to the child before birth as a result of the mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

    Although the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy had long been suspected, FAS was formally discovered in 1968 by P. Lemoine and colleagues from Nantes (France) in 127 children of alcoholic parents. Their report in a French pediatric journal drew little attention. Focus on FAS only came after it was independently rediscovered in 1973 by K.L. Jones and colleagues from Seattle (USA) in 8 children of mothers with chronic alcoholism. Their report in the British medical journal, The Lancet, triggered an avalanche of reports of FAS.

    Alcohol is capable of causing birth defects. This capability classifies it medically as a teratogen. Alcohol is now recognized as the leading teratogen to which the fetus is likely to be exposed. This applies only to societies in which alcoholic beverages are consumed. In these populations, prenatal alcohol exposure is thought to be the most common cause of mental retardation.

    How much alcohol is safe during pregnancy?

    Two approaches can be taken to this important question. One is the rigorously scientific approach. It does not go beyond the facts: that most children diagnosed with frank FAS have had overtly alcoholic mothers (who drank at least 8-10 drinks a day); that children born to women who had 4-6 drinks a day have had subtle signs of FAS/FAE; that at two drinks a day the only indisputable effect noted has been subtly lower birth weight; and that below two drinks a day there is no concrete evidence for an effect on the fetus. Thus, from a strictly scientific viewpoint, one cannot say that one drink a day during pregnancy is dangerous to the baby.

    The more common approach, and the favored one, is the better-safe-than-sorry approach. This pragmatic position is espoused by public health experts. Witness the warning label on all alcoholic beverages in the U.S. indicating that "according to the surgeon general, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects." This conservative approach is also followed by most individuals and groups concerned with preventing FAS/FAE. For example, the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome states: "No amount of alcohol has been proven safe to consume during pregnancy. FAS and FAE...are 100% preventable when a pregnant woman abstains from alcohol."

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome At A Glance

    * Alcohol is capable of causing birth defects.

    * FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) always involves brain damage.

    * FAS always involves impaired growth.

    * FAS always involves head and face abnormalities.

    * No amount of alcohol has been proven safe during pregnancy.

    * Women who are or may become pregnant are advised to avoid alcohol.

    For reading about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, we recommend an excellent book The Broken Cord by Michael Dorris (paperback published in 1990 by Harper Collins, ISBN 0060916826).

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    Don't even risk it, I had a step-sister who had FAS and she was terribly developmentally delayed, she had the facial deformities too. It was very sad. I do not know how much her mother drank when she was pregnant though. Like some else posted, it is like playing Russian Roulette with your babies health.

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    it is very easy, there are many important gestation periods and if you ever have one drink during those crucial times the baby can be affected. Its not worth the risk at all! Dont harm your baby's future by drinking.

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    its just not worth the risk to even have a little alcohol. Why gamble with your babies health? If you can't stop drinking or cant refuse one, get help.

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    Who would even risk it? If the baby is born with it never moind the guilt you would feel, but your baby would be taken by CPS in the hospital.

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    it's like playing russian roulette, best thing to never drink while you're pregnant. drinking is harmful even when you're not pregnant..just ask a liver.

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    It doesn't matter if you love the infant then you would never drink.

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