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how to obtain a guitar tone?

what kind of fuzz/pickups/amp settings can i use to get a really fuzzed out tone?

think Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My" or Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" type sound.

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    Pedals Dude, pedals. These are one of those accessories that guitar players pick up at every opportunity and with good reason...they're in search of 'Their' sound and these magic beauties help you find it. There are 'Fuzz' pedals made by every major manufacturer and each has it's own distinct tone and feel, slight variations on a general theme if you will. Wah, Fuzz, you name it and someone makes a pedal to cover it.

    My recommendation is to pick them up used off eBay and Craig's list as this will allow you to sample lots of options over paying new price and trust me, you'll go through a slew of them searching for the ones which match the sound you hear in your head...but that's half the fun! Over time you'll thin the herd down to the essentials, the ones which match your style and tone the best and these will become a permanent part of your signal chain. Have fun and good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    Get a Digitech RP 100, 200or 300. These are amp modellers. You can get different amplifier and effect sounds and you can mix and match. I got the RP 100 and I came up will a setting that is very beefy and sounds a little like Neil Young.

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    Go Here for a better understanding

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    my boyfriend has a processor that he uses it is called "Zoom 606 guitar processor" you can get it at most guitar and music stores

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