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what happened to good service?

has anyone else noticed that you dont seem to get what you pay for anymore? like i went to a rest. not a cheap one i ask the diff in roasted chicken and the baked and was told the roasted wasnt put on the fire so i ordered it and i am not kidding they brought it out and it was black i asked them about it and they get pissy with me like i am trying to get a free meal or something... also we went on vacation and stayed in a cabin we get there and the whole place smells like smoke.. we go to bed in what was suppose to sleep 4 adults we pull out the sofa bed and its broken had to sleep on the floor the next morning place still smells so we call and they tell us there is nothing they can do ????? paid 150 per night to sleep in a smoky cabin on the floor? it seems every where we go there is a problem and when you call them on it they make you feel like your asking for something free... and they dont want to make it rite... anyone else have this problem?


give me a break julia... when you pay for it you should get it rite i cant help that there are people out there that live that way......

Update 2:

i am very good about when i do get good service and the food was good i ask for the manager witch always makes the waiter or waitress nervous and i tell them what a good meal i had and what good service i got so its not that i just say something when its bad i do brag when its good too

Update 3:

no not smoking cig ect like someone caught the fireplace on fire and filled it with smoke and the smell attatched itself to the furniture ect... it was a no smoking cabin and we did go with someone who had stayed there before with no problems

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    It is weird. If you look at some of the questions concerning tips, the waiters and waitress of the bunch usually write in that even the most rude, horrible service deserves a 10% tip. It's everywhere - people feeling getting money is a birthright instead of something you earn.

    I don't know about you, but I have to work my asss off for my money, and no one gives me tips. My tip is I get to have a job tomorrow. So when I spend my money I expect the best service. I expect people to put in the same effort I put in at work. When it comes to eating out, it's a no-brainer. I will get what I want and I will get it in a timely manner. If they tell me it won't be burnt and it comes out burnt, it's going back. If they get pissy, it's a no brainer - no tip. I'm not going to argue with a waitress with an attitude. That goes for everyone in the service industry.

    The cabin is a bit different - especially if you paid up front. I had the same thing happen - we specifically picked the cabin because it said it slept 7. We had 6. It really slept 2 comfortably. The girls got the bed, one girl got the couch, one guy got a cot (that gave him back pains), and we got the floor, sans blankets or pillows, for 3 days. It cause a real problem, because we didn't want to split equally, but no one could afford to pay more for the bed. When we called and complained, their attitude was "what are YOU going to do about it. Sue us." What could we do? We were f*cked.

    Unfortunately, it seems like everyone believes it's their birthright to screw people out of their money with a minimum of effort.

  • Tell me about! Yes, some people don't have it as good as we do, like that one answer wrote, but if you pay for something, you're supposed to get quality service!!! I hate it when they think they shouldn't fix it. My parents worked in the restaurant business for several years and they know how to treat a customer right. So when we go out, if something isn't right, we call them on it politely. Most of the time the restaurant is cooperative, but still! And one time, I was at a grocery store buying some sodas for the household, which has many people in it, and the bagger girl put five two liter sodas in one bag! We always ask for paper-in-plastic to give it a good hold, but five sodas are too much! But try the bagging trick sometime! I feel for you! Just be kind and tell them about the problem, they need to know so they can fix it. Good luck!

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    One way to avoid this happening to you too often is to ask smart and many questions before you obligate yourself. Things like asking if smokers (I suppose that is what you meant unless you meant it smelled like a fire had burned in the place) have stayed there, are the furnishings in good repair and condition. Also, go by what others recommend who can tell you of where they have gone that was a good place to vacation or eat.

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    A lot of people around the world live in huts and shantys, and don't know where their next meal is going to come from. So be thankful that there was a roast chicken and a cabin at all.


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    Unfortunately, the sense of responsibility and accountability are just about gone from our society. I have had MANY of the same problems you describe ... with automobile dealerships not honoring their warranties, utilities overcharging, restaurants that bring the wrong (or incorrectly cooked) food, hotels that tell you it's "not their problem", etc., etc., etc. Maybe it's time we THANK businesses when we get "good" service and remind them that it's rare today .. it just might catch on !!!

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    People in society nowadays have no respect. This is a hard concept because we cannot change the way people are.

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    Live in Asia...feel the difference!

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    Prayer out of school. No prayer. No morals. No morals no guilt. No sense of pride. No service.

    Its a chain reaction.

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