What's the SCARIEST movie you've ever saw? What parts shocked you the WORST??

Seriously, I want details, I love to visualize this stuff up in my head, so I'm all ears, folks.


I'm interested because I'm bored and too afraid to watch most scary movies.... :-\

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    1 decade ago
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    It wasn't exactly "scary" but more like creepy and disturbing because it was about cannibals in a forest trying to eat a film crew. The most shocking part was when one of the camaramen ripped the shell of a giant turtle and began to stab the turtle and after he ripped out the intestines the legs were still squirming. What creeps me out the worst is that this was not special effects. The movie waas filmed in 1979, and the turtle used in it was real and was eaten afterwards. So it's not considered animal cruelty. Oh yea, there was this part when one of the canniabal girls got raped by an old cannibal dude and after he raped her he began to mutilate her vagina with a jagged rock. I was very disturbed watching this movie. The movie is called cannibal holocaust if youw ant to see it =D Good luck with your stomach.

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    A Japanese Horror Film called Audition. I don't usually ever tell anyone about it if they are planning on seeing it, but since you say you don't watch scary movies and want all the details, here goes:

    When the movie starts out, it doesn't seem like a horror movie, more like a romantic comedy, and this is what makes the final 20 minutes of the film so shocking and horrifying. A man pretends to hold an Audition for a role in a movie, but he is really looking for a woman to date/marry. He finds the perfect girl. They start dating, and slowly you start to realize that the girl is a bit psycho. There is one shot of her just sitting alone by a telephone in a creepy looking apartment with no furniture. But the guy has no idea how psycho she is until the end of the film when she ties him down and tortures him by slowly and methodically sticking acupuncture needles into his abdomen, cutting off his foot with a sharp wire, and all kind of other stuff that I can't recall, probably because I was hiding my eyes. The thing that is so creepy is just the manner in which she mutilates him. Not violent, but more like a scientist doing a dissection. All the while he is screaming and begging her to stop, but she is just so calm. I don't think anyone could watch this scene and not cringe.

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    This wasn't a scary movie but imagine this....

    The Movie: Maximum Overdrive

    The Scene: Little league ball field

    A kid is riding his bike across this ball field. He wrecks and flies over the handlebars. Out of nowhere a huge-a s s steamroller comes crashing through the fence onto the field. The dumba s s just lays there as this huge machine comes towards him. It runs the kid over and you get a front shot of the kids head being squashed like a melon. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

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    When the guy in Saw cuts his leg off. It was freakin' crazy! I was so shocked! I was in the theater and was totally disgusted and also in the exorcist. There are too many parts, but when she goes down the stairs with blood flowing down her face, when she is masturbating with the cross, when her head spins! It was the best scary movie ever.

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    Umm, not necessarily the scariest but maybe the most disturbing was the final destinations, hills have eyes, saw 1and2, and texas chainsaw massacre. It is the usual gory slice up this person, cut off that, blood all over him..you know...why did you want to know this?

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    The movie that stuck with me the most after watching it was Emily Rose. The fact that she was living an everyday normal life and then things started happeing for no apparent reason really creeped me out.

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    This movie actually wasn't scary(really good but not scary) but I saw Wicker Man and in this one part he is put into this cage like thing with animals and the cage is burnt down. It was terrifying hearing the animals screams and the guys screams! I hated it but actually liked the movie. I reccomend it.

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    Nothing ever beats The Exorcist!!!

    It's the most disturbing film ever.

    You'll be gone insane if you watch it alone with the lights in your room turned off.

    Many psychological tests prove it. Even the casts had bad incidences that happened in their lives while filming.

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    Stephen King's CARRIE. The end part when Carrie's arm came through the grave to grab Amy Irving's arm when she put down the flowers. OMG, I just relived it my head, and now I have the chills.

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    It would be Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix...

    When Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung would have

    their Kissin scene... Ouch.. not kidding!

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