What should i do, when times get hard?

I'm 19 years old. My parents pasted away when i was a kid. I live along my bf comes over sometimes.i work and go to school. it's a saturday and my friends are out. i have a hard time dealing with everything. what should i do?

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    Just keep your chin up! It sounds like your doing fine for right now. But if you ever in need of someone to talk to about your feelings talk to your friends and your boyfriend. Always look forward to a better tomorrow. Its best to think about happier things during times of hardship. That's why you have friends and your boyfriend. To help support you and keep you up. Just do the best you can in everything you do. No matter what happens someone will always love you. I'm sorry to hear about your parents.

  • Jenna
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    1 decade ago

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Just keep doing what you're doing. Things WILL get better. You're taking care of yourself. You are a strong individual and that is great!! You have a lot going for yourself, so don't give up!! Stay strong and keep going.

    Try to spend more time with your boyfriend. Go out and make more friends. Sooner or later, you'll marry and have a family when you're done with school. Just be thankful you are healthy, on your own, and doing what you want to do. That's more than what most people have!!

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    You should stay strong and keep with your dream. How great that you not only work but go to school too, and without the support of your parents or a man. You go girl, You deserve a medal! Not many other people out there have it as together as you. I do have to say there is nothing wrong with finishing a little studytime, watching bad television and eating something fattening on a Saturday night!

    Source(s): Received a degree while working and living alone without the help of a man or my parents.
  • molly
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    never give up. and never surrender. try to spend more time with your man. surround yourself with things that make you feel good. I 'm not pushing religion but talk to the Maker of All Things . I mean out loud like He was in the room tell HIm what you are feeling (He already knows)

    and talk to your mom and dad. they are a part of you. You may never know if they can hear you, but if you beleive there is the tiniest chance they might then do it. If we can beleive in a diety we cannot see then why cant we speak to our loved ones who have moved on? ok back to the business of helping you. You have a job and are going to school. Thats not bad..count your blessings. avoid things that are depressing and a big one is music. listen to some new music, go buy yourself something nice just get out in the world. dont neglect your responsibilities though (i mean the rent still has to be paid) Do whatever it is that makes you happy. Oh I hate to end this on a down note but try to avoid the booze and drugs. They are temporary solution at best. Oh here is something you might do...go help someone out thats worse off than you.

    you take care now,be brave be true and beleive...

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  • Urchin
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    1 decade ago

    Don't do the Jehovah Witness thing as another answerer said. Try to find some new hobbies or interests and make some new friends. Be happy with the things that you do have, life does get better.I am very sorry for your loss, have you ever thought of some type of counseling it could help.

  • Anonymous
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    Maybe do some volunteer work or go to a mall and meet some people.Join a church group for young adults.If you aren't into the church thing at least you will be able to make some friends.Go out and be seen.People will notice you just smile and make some eye contact.If you look down and not happy people tend to leave you alone and won'y try to aproach you.

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    its hard when you feel alone,i know.Your only young and it sounds like you already have the big piture insite.Keep going to school ask your school counsoler if they is anthig they can do 4 maybe a better studie inviroment.If you have family get in contact.Keep your chin up and if all goes well in 5 years you will look back at what you left behind and think "only if i didn't worrie so much".Life has a strange way of working out.Don't sit back jump on and see where it takes you.

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    It is hard to deal with things on your own. You seem to be trying very hard. I have had nights like that. Go for a walk, have dinners at your house and have movie nights. Have them bring something to pass. Make your house the place to be and you will find you have more friends than you need. you have had some tough times. Turn it around and make it better for your self,

    Source(s): Reading books and talking to friends.
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    sounds like you're slightly depressed dear you should consider how lucky you are. many people have lives that are worse than yours so you should hold your head up. everyone gets in a little funk occasionally and that's OK as long as you don't stay there.

    get up and get out of the house and enjoy your life stop depending on others to make you happy go out and have fun

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    i am 19 too l grew up in foster since i was 8 i have went to a consulor for very long time now it is getting better maybe you should go. invite yourself to go with friends out if they say no then find new ones. or maybe a nice long hot bath

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