Is it true that The El in Chicago uses tracks that are not bolted into the surface?

My friend told me that the tracks on The El in Chicago are not actually bolted into the ground, but are just lying there. Apparently, this requires constant maintenance because the tracks move and become misaligned. He said the tracks are not bolted because the ground would shift if they were.

My first question is whether this is true, and my follow-up question is: if it is true, then why is it done this way - the ground shifting doesn't seem to explain much.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No thy are not bolted to the gound but thy are bolted to the ties. If thy were not what keeps them from spreading when a train is on them.

    Shifting is bull. The things that keep track to the ties is the spikes. the ties in turn are layed on the ground and then filled with rock between the ties so thy dont move.

    I lived in Chicago for 30 years and this bull shi$ comes up every year on the net.

    My advice is dump that bozo and seek a guy with something other then a zipper. Get a guy with some brains not a pair of pants full of crap

    Source(s): Dons Auto Service
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