What do you do about a boy who breaks up friendships? read details...?

Okay, so there is this kid named "Jerry" at my school who has dated almost EVERY girl inare group of friends. sence he has come around are groups friendship as weaken and we currently have 2 girls not speaking to each other because one of them is dating him. we only have 5 girls in the group and we were soo tight until he came along and i want to get rid of him for good but i dont know how...... any suggestions?

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    This guy is playing all of your group and destroying your friendships. He does not care or respect you or your friends, so I think you should just let him know that he is not welcome anymore. I would hope that your friends are able to see what he is doing, if not then it sounds like you are aware of his behavior. So you may need to speak for the group, or you may even have to leave the group. If they are not willing to ban together to get rid of him, then how will they take it if you speak up? It already sounds like your group is falling apart because of this guy and I am sure it does not bother him.

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  • bartow
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    ok in the starting up there's a significant question you should respond to. Do you extremely like him like him or are you purely jealous. some people have a tendency to be jealous even as there friends get into relationships so ask your self that query. in the journey that your really confident that you want him then you extremely favor to communicate over with him. tell him the way you experience and that he's hurting you. o and likewise ask your self if you're prepared to placed your friendship in probability because inspite of his determination is your courting wont be an similar when you confess to him. yet do not fret purely flow and tell him. you stay existence once so don't be apologetic about and stay existence to the fullest.

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    he mights like u

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