Is poverty the most effective Aphrodisiac ?

It would seem to me people in extreme poverty conditions would take every precaution to avoid reproducing. Why would someone who can't take care of themselves want to bring others into an existance of substandard living?

The opposite appears to be true.

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    It's so true! Go to the right place you can get free condoms. Or at least after number 5 you think they would get a brain cell. Then again like a family I know, they reproduce to work the government for more money. Of course they still have nothing to show for it cause they buy stupid stuff and they're lazy. So people they know with more then them are just trying to out do them. Which means it's time to pop another baby out for even more government money.

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    What precautions would you have them take? What precautions are available to them? Extreme poverty is usually coupled with undereducation which means they have no understanding of how to prevent pregnancy nor the money for birth control or condoms. Being uneducated what would they know about when it's safe during a woman's cycle to have sex without a pregnancy occurring, aka the "rhythmn method." Do you know the safe days? You are coming from a place of never having lived in poverty so you are judging people according to the world you live in.

    Also, many third world countries like Mexico have populations that are Catholic. The Church's teaching is against birth control. Many impoverished and third world countries are also steeped in cultures where a man is not a man until he fathers children, particularly male children.

    So, the issue you bring up is complex.

  • 6 years ago

    Regardless of one s socioeconomic level, life continues to be valued and highly regarded. Sex and procreation are joys that are standard equipment with all our bodies and, even our spirits are moved to find a way to extend into the future regardless of whether we have college degrees on the wall or even money in the bank. Sex is universal in its attraction. Poverty is no more an aphrodisiac than affluence. But financial realities make it much more likely that the sexual proclivities of the poor will be harshly judged by the high and mighty.

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    1 decade ago

    What is sexy about poverty?

    If people are poor, sex is kind of like the only thing they can do to entertain themselves.

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    1 decade ago

    um, aphrodisiac means something that will get you IN the mood to have sex, not out of the mood. you are thinking of the wrong word

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