Who has read "Splinter of the Minds Eye" ? Do you think it lines up with the whole 6 episode story ?

I read this book in 7th grade. It involved Hans, Luke, and Leia crashing on a planet and having to survive against evil creatures. The whole time, Vader could feel them on the planet, and Luke could feel Vader feeling them. This takes place between episode 4 & 5.

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  • molly
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    Han was not in it. C3PO was. I t was considered for a sequel to A New Hope. I thought the book was cool. THe lightsaber duel was awesome. I read this book a long time ago. Have you read the Han Solo books from the same era? Oh incidentally, I read the book when it was new, before the internet, before nintendo (I think)

  • I still have that here somewhere... think i'll dig it out and read it again, thanks. Anything by Alan Dean Foster is usually good. I don't remember it NOT working with Episode 6, but as I said, I'll read it again.

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