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anyone else name their baby a "different" name?

My husband and I decided to name our baby daughter Shiloh Maddison. We both love the name, and have already ordered a few things with her name printed on it. The problem is, everytime we tell someone what her name is going to be, we hear nothing but crap about it. How its an ugly name, it sounds like a dog name, she is going to get teased and so on. People are so rude and have some nerve telling us this, and we're sick of it. What is a nice way to tell people to shut up? And after the baby is born will we continue to get stupid comments like this?

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    hehe my mom and dad gave me a different name too:


    (asia-lee cat-ah-ree-na)

    and hey, its not in another language or anything, so dont

    but i love my name.

    i love that people remember me better because i have a different name.

    i love that no one in my class has ever has the same name as me.

    i love that ppl say my name wrong, and tell me my name is pretty after i correct them.

    i get stupid comments sometimes,

    but it makes me feel that much more special.

    just tell them that you want your child to stand out more..

    at least more than their child.


    im just kidding.

    well if anything,

    just say that youre happy with the name,

    and you wouldnt want to call your child

    by something you werent happy with,

    especially since you are stuck with her for a good part of your life.

    on a more daring note, you can even say something like "oh, it offends me a little when people say that" if someone says that the name is ugly.

    dont be afraid to let people know theyre being rude.

    tell them its your decision, and if they honestly think its the wrong choice,

    its not like theyre affected by it anyway.

    anyhoo...good luck with everything!!

    and congratulations on your baby daughter!!!!

    and i LOVE her new name, Shiloh Maddison!!!!!!


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    I think people might just be giving you crap becuase it's a super trendy name. The most famous baby in the world right now is named "shiloh" and madison has been in the top 5 most popular names for the past 5 years. Expect the eye rolling to continue for the next several years if you go with this!

    However, I don't think your daughter will get any crap from her peers as she grows up. Brad Pitt and Angelina's family life won't matter to our children...

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    Unusual names are pretty common in our family. My sister named her son Canyon (which I'm not a fan of) and gets compliments on it all the time. Thats just one example. Its really not any different than Stone Phillips, the reporter. I'll bet his parents had a lot of resistence to them naming him Stone but now no one even thinks about it. I plan on naming my daughter something "different" too, and I hear a lot of comments on it when it is brought up. I think the other posters are right, once the baby is born people will quit making nasty comments on it since it is more "real" to them. Just thank people for their opinions and say thats what you've decided on. People can be so rude sometimes without even realizing it.

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    We names 3 of our 4 kids different names Keirsten Teelynn, Tryston, and Brayton....our 4th is Matthew....we now get bugged most about Matthew... people tend to have issues mostly with having names picked before the baby is born. Your little girl WILL be a perfect Shiloh, and people will never be able to think of her as any other name once she is born. Someone ALWAYS has a comment about someone elses child, but you are the parents and love your child and their name that is what matters

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    We named our one year old daughter Sutton. And mostly got good responses. And I could really care less about what other people think. People are cruel, and harsh and have no tact. Next time, leave the name for a suprise, then hopefully they wont be rude enough to comment on the babys name, because it is already set in stone. I think your name is really pretty.

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    Personally, I think it's imporant to listen to other people's input - because that is a sign of how society will be juding your daughter's name. Now if YOU think it's annoying now, how do you think your poor daughter is gong to feel having to grow up and hear these comments 24/7????

    You know, I had my heart dead set on the name Ariel, but I got so much crapola about The Little Mermaid and how awful the name was, so I decided against it. I think it's important to pick a name so that your child won't be harrassed for the rest of their lives.

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    I gave my son a 'different' name. He is Orion James. In my family there are lots af Leons and Kenneths, Annes and Maries for the girls. When I got pregnant, I told everyone I was naming my baby Ozzy Osbourne after they didn't like Orion lol. It sure shup them up quick. After my Orion was born people in my family were glad I named him Orion and not Ozzy! I think Shiloh is a very pretty name it sounds so soft and gentle. Good Luck!

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    Once the baby is born, most people shut up about your childs name.

    When aomeone says a despariging remark, just smile sweetly and say "Well, I guess I won't have to worry about our daughters having the same name!"

    She is your child and everyone else be damed!

    My daughter is Nina Denise. Most people look at me and make a comment about All My Children. (There was a major character named Nina a LONG time ago)


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    Shiloh is a nice name.... but I agree, name the kid whatever you want, as long as it isn't Audioscience (I forget what star namer her poor son that!)The next time someone gives you lines about being teased, you can say "Yes, well, we really think it's a lovely name." or "Hey, Angelina Jolie liked it!" or, if they are REALLY being rude, say "And you know, I bet it'll be your children, all named Hannah and Kayla and Chris, teasing my little girl. You really need to accept other people's opinions." It really just has to do with preference.

  • I have a daughter named Shilo Elizabeth. I can't take credit for the name though because we adopted her and her birth mother named her. No matter what name you choose SOMEONE isn't going to like it. Shiloh is a beautiful name - don't worry about it. GOOD LUCK!

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