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Are the Lakers gonna make it to the playoffs? If yes,then how far?

Lakers started 3-0 and a win against phoenix.

When kobe came back they were 1-3.

Radmanovic is adding points in the paint.

Farmar is getting a lot of minutes and has made them quality minutes.

Andrew Bynum is making his name known by having career-highs on blocking,scoring and rebounding.

Odom is becoming a force offensively and defensively.

Now Kobe is back,with more generosity,less shooting and doing more things on passing,defending,rebounding and stealing the ball.

Remember that Kobe is not yet a 100%.

Oh,there will be games that Phil Jackson will not be coaching because of his recovery on his hip surgery,maybe 5-6 games.

What do you think? Playoffs? 1st round? Semis? Conference Finals? Finals? Champions?

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    i think they will sqeeck in at either the 7 or 8 and out in the 1st rd..........

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    If they keep this up, they will most likely have the 5th or 6th seed in the playoffs, considering teams like San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix (Do you seriously think they would flop this year? Not with Nash and Dirk on these teams), and Houston (as long as players stay healthy, tough playoff-contender) will be pretty much above them.

    I'm liking what I see with the Lakers. I think it's good that Kobe's taking less shots and passing more (.520 percentage, that's a wow for a swingman and 4.8 APG, that's higher than his career assists per game), as long as Cook, Walton, Odom and Bynum still step up and play their part. Odom has shown he can do it all, and Turiaf and Bynum have shown they aren't just some flop rookies. And personally, I like the fact that Radmanovic hasn't been playing much(he pretty much has no defense), and Kwame's injured(I think they should trade him for a first-round pick or something because he really is a flop). Farmar has shown strides too and he will be a force in Jackson's socialist offense.

    In terms of playoffs, it depends. They could make it past the first round but but get beaten in the semis. At least that's my opinion.

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    They will make the playoffs with the 6th seed.....Kobe isn't scoring as much because he's still not 100% but when he gets his conditioning and legs back he'll be back to his scoring self...They will probably only win one series..I still have the Suns in the finals in the west and remember you have three dynamic teams in the spurs, mavs, and suns, the lakers can't beat em Houston is looking mighty impressive so far...

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    They can't make the playoffs. Not unless Kobe can step back and let Odom be the star for a while (which Kobe cannot do).

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    I think that anyone who thinks it's a good idea to not utilize a guy who can drop 50 points a night for at least 30pts a night is an idiot. And if Phil Jackson thinks this is a good idea then he too can be an idiot considering all his rings that came with Jordan averaging 30 a game.

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    I say the 5th seed they play utah and win in 6 games then lose in the second round

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    yeah there going to the playoffs and if they can overcome what happend last year they´ll get to the western conference finals there gonna be dangerouse this season even more so in the playoffs

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    1 decade ago

    if they play good team ball they will get it they never needed Shaq

    Lamar Odom will whip that ash

    Bynum will block almost anything and rebound it

    Kobe will take the shots when the lakers are not doing so well

    Smush will play good D Fence

    Lakers = my West side team

    Heats = my East side team

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    1 decade ago

    i dont think so only one player can score on lakers is kobe

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