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Ok got the Asperger's syndrome down are there any adults out there diagnosed with it?

Thanks everyone for the awesome answers to the Any one know about Asperger's syndrome question.

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    Actually I know 2 people with Asperger Syndrome. My son and my nephew. You would never know they had it unless someone told you. Both of them have genius IQ's. This genius factor isn't initially recognized by most, except for those who are true geniuses themselves. They have a very distinct speech pattern (sound like little einsteins), and an extensive vocabulary. They often have trouble expressing themselves even though they have excellent comprehesion. Because their interests are few sometimes these children are misdiagnosed with ADD or high-functioning autism. Some are sensitive to light (my nephew who has had eye surgery), or sound (my son who has had ear tubes and countless ear infections), or environment. They can be very emotional. Asperger often goes undiagnosed because it is not extremely apparent. The biggest problems though are PE and interacting with their peers. Their physical coordination usually isn't as good as their peers (not to where it's real noticeable) However, the few physical they enjoy, they will excel at. The friends that they choose will often be a few years older or younger, rather than the same age. My son and my nephew prefer friends that are older than them because they seem to be on the same mental level. Most of all, it is a social problem. Most of my son's friends are 3 to 4 years older than him. Although I'm not certain, I think Asperger might be hereditary, passed down from both parents. We have no family history of neurological disorders, yet I find the following very interesting: I have 2 children, 2 different fathers. My daughter has no neurological disorders. My 14 year old son has Asperger and Epilepsy which didn't start until he was 10 (but will outgrow). My brother has three children. His eldest daughter has Epilepsy, his middle daughter has ADHD, and his youngest son has Asperger. My cousin has 2 boys, one has autism. What do the afflicted children have in common? Both parents of each child have genius IQ's. Feel free to email me if I can be of further assistance. Good luck with your search!

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    Yes, I'm one. Older than 40 by some years, shall we say.

    Like many older AS people, I was looking up Aspergers on the web, because somebody thought a younger member of the family may have it.

    Many of the signs I read were just *so* fitting to me, both in childhood and now.

    Many adult AS people can be found on, which is on Google groups too, at: - I hpe this helps.

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    i'm a 21-12 months previous woman with aspergers and that i do know a few of what you're asserting. often times i seem at different, older aspies who have not any friends, nonetheless residing with their mum and dad, in no way experienced the thrill of marriage and all that it includes, don't have a job or a minimum of a few occupation during the week and it scares me mindless often times and makes me think of: "oh God, tell me this heavily isn't my destiny". i replaced into tremendously shielded as somebody with an autism prognosis my age would be. no longer as much as a pair of my friends thankfully, and that i'm fairly the fighter. whether i think helpless I even have an 'i bypass to get via this mentality'. this helps me at 21 to declare that i've got been working luckily in a particular place of labor for 3 years now, am shifting out on my very own in a very mainstreamed, low-training apartment it is quite luxury whilst in comparison with some young infants apartments obtainable, nonetheless have my one ultimate buddy who i will talk in self belief to and who can talk in self belief to me (we certainly went to Paris this spring! on my own! No mum and dad, councellors or maybe excursion classes! i replaced into giddy all month after that!) and that i'm no longer nervous with regards to the destiny yet involved by what it is going to hold. i like fantasizing approximately alternatives of paint and wall paintings and it is fairly an ego enhance to be attentive to that i will try this. i'm tremendously a-time-honored in that I make a super component out of going outdoors and to paintings with clean, properly-setting up clothing, clean hair, brushed teeth, fragrance and a necklace on etc through fact i be attentive to it is not a super deal for many persons regardless of the undeniable fact that it somewhat is for, properly, our sort. yet regardless of this I even have my very own problems in existence and could in all probability constantly want training at some point, yet I won't stand for being dealt with as below human interior the period in-between. i'm tremendously articulate and enthusiastic approximately that so i be attentive to a thank you to voice my concerns. thankfully the two my place of labor and destiny residing area are very progressed interior the rehabilitation style, the single that announces that autistic human beings have all the rights and specific, the prevalent jobs of 'popular' human beings.

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