Wolverine vs Ipod?

I want an mp3 player with a lot of storage space. I was planning on buying an external hard drive and buying an ipod with decent storage capacity to store my music(entire cd collection) on. However I found the Wolverine brand portable storage device that can play mp3s. It holds up to 120gb and I thought it might be more cost effective to purchase that for $500 and use it for both. I need some advice on what to do to minimize cost, and I was wondering about the Wolverine's user friendliness. Any help is appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My first mp3 player wasn't an ipod. It was a creative, but it sucked because the software sucked. ipod is the best selling because it has the best software to complement it. that's why it's preferred not just because of the design.

    i found it really difficult to sync music and interface with the pc with a creative. apple's software allows you to make amazing playlists, sync music, buy music, video, and podcasts. nothing else compares to its software. that's why they won't let other mp3 players work with itunes, or else people would actually really consider other mp3 players.

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    If you're even considering spending $500 on something that is exactly the same as another mp3 player which costs $80, just with double the hard drive, then you really have more problems than can be answered here. It's hard to fill 8GB worth of digital music. Buy something with the money you save which won't depreciate the second after it leaves the store.

  • 1 decade ago

    CNET Reviews says that the Wolverine sucks.

    Something like Creative's Zen Vision: M holds 30GB worth of songs for less than the iPod video. If you need more then the iPod video is good.

    Source(s): cnet.com
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