Can't get in contact with classmate our project due Mon. what do i do?

Can't get in contact with classmate our project due Mon. what do i do?

We are to write a script and act it out on Monday how ever the person I was paired with did not write down there lines as we where making it up. I have them and tried calling but there never home. What do I do? This person is f@#king with my grade. If I get a F I will be pissed.

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    do your part and on monday tell your teacher what happened and tell them that you tried and show them your work. If your partner fudged up it should not be placed on you.

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    OMG! If u didn't use that much swear language, I would've felt very very sorry for u but now I only feel sorry for u. Enough with that on to the question.

    If u tried calling and she gave u no answer, go to their house if u have their address. If you DON'T have their address and Monday finally arrives, tell ur teacher that u and ur friend WERE PRACTISING on ur project but unluckily ur friend didn't start it and she was always away. That way when u present ur speech, that way ur teacher will know it is not ur fault.

    Thanks for the lovely qustion!

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    Do it by yourself and let your teacher know on monday.

  • 1 decade ago

    do the assignment yourself and make sure that your teacher knows you are the only contribution to the finished product

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