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Why every man running for another women for the same thing?

things r same in all the womens and girls why man always wants difrent one?

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    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    People don't want to work at a relationship, they just want it to succeed right off the bat.

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    Because they are hard to satisfy and greedy. They don't want to cherish nothing but their magic stick. That is so stupid. You are supposed to cherish and accept what you have. That dirty little wh0re might be able to make you happy for a good fifteen minutes or more, but when your wife finds out she is going to take everything else that you worked so hard for (house, car, kids, money, alimony, child support) and all you gonna have is that little ratty apartment with that wh0re of yours who is gonna get pregnant with triplets and make you have a even harder life.

    Have fun rolling in the hay, self centered moron!

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    a million. they are entirely sympathetic approximately your problems on the place of work 2. They delight in listening to baout your golfing recreation, hollow by ability of hollow, shot by ability of shot. 3. they like a similar television classes as I do. 4. foodstuff can sq. away any variations 5. They rarely ever merchandise to something on ethical grounds.

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    not all do that - some are simply run by their idiotic wish to have more than one.

    rest - normal guys - are normally not liked by 90% of the girls because they are too compromising and cant stand for themselves(as per those 90% girls).

    Source(s): its not that am a desperate , frustrated guy - but just noticing regular trend and same regular stories.
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    because if a man finds a woman who acts like she is on the same sexual level as he is, she then informs him that she is not and the women he met is not who she is, but instead her true personality is a woman who really does not like sex at all.

    Source(s): this happened to me
  • jude
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    because these men think they are getting something different , and something better, that is until the divorce is final and the wife is out of the picture, than and only than do their true selves and intentions come out, and they see that it's no different, maybe it's even worse.

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    no not all are the same. Some are better and do it better than others.

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    I'd say it's the nature of the beast!

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    variety is the spice of life . what you doing tonight babe

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    Don't know!!!

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