i really like this girl but...?

im 16 and me and this girl went out for a couple months and we didnt do much together but she was a real rock n roll type girl and i was more hip hop and we didnt have much in common but i really loved her. her friends were teari ng her away from me cause they jus hated me. she ended up breaking up wit me but a week after we told eachother we still like eachother but she didnt want a relationship. well its like a month later and i want to go out wit her so bad but i dont think she loves me as much. What can i do to win her back and have her fall back in love with me?


by the way i live in OKLAHOMA

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    well first I live in oklahoma too!!!!!!

    i live in tulsa ok but to ur question

    if her firends don't like u then thats kinda bad cuz no matter what I girl says out friends have a lot of imput I would say beocme better friends with her and try to get her friends to accept u.

    and if u really love eachother then it will work out

    I hope it will work out for u

    I knw how hard it is to love or even like some1 who doesn't have the same feelings

    and also flowers could never hurt

    and if u want email me and talk my email is volleyball_gurl392@yahoo.com

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    She doesn't want a relationship, so just move on! Is there even anything to do in Oklahoma??

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    well you could tell her ur feelings bout her and c wat she says and if she dnt like u 4 who u r make her jelous by dating another grl on a double date and then make a big break up with the grl from the date and then ask the grl on a date but dnt sound desprate and if she says no dnt give up but if she says yes there you go!

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe tell her you don't care what people think you like her and would love to try again. She may go for it you don't know till you try.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can't make anyone have feelings for you, sorry. That's the way life is.

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    Idk mabe dress like a really hott skater for one day...make an excuse to first. Then her friends would se how hott you are with the skater look.

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