How do you set up a class reunion? This qn is for those who have planned a class reunion in the past, please.

I used to go to High School in a different High School. I've found a few classmates online and would like to get all of us together for a reunion. Unfortunately we're spread in different parts of the U.S. and some are in that same country where we went to the same school. at. Should we all meet up around that same school or in one of the states of the country? What are the steps to plan a good fun class reunion?

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    Usually they are planned around the city where you went to school.

    Are you actually wanting to plan a reunion for all students, or for just a handful of friends?

    You need to reserve a place for dinner and dancing with a rough idea of how many will attend. In a class reunion you can expect maybe half (even when they are bringing their spouses). Of course 10 years is different then a 30 year reunion.

    You may also want to have a couple of hotels notified and perhaps can get a discount if they mention the reunion.

    Send out invitations and wait for the RSVP. Then you notify the hall of how many are attending. Have them pay the fee up front, because if they do not have to pay until they get here and then they do not come for whatever reason then you will be stuck with the bill.

    On the other hand, if there are just 20 of you or so, you can reserve a private room in a restaurant and everyone can just pay their own bill.

    Often the weekends will include a dinner and dancing on Saturday. Sometimes on Friday evening everyone will meet a bar or local hangout. If there is a home game that night they sometimes go to that. People reminisce and have a drink or 2. Saturday morning will often include a tour of the school (if you can arrange it with the administration). Sometimes you can arrange a tour of a local attraction or historical landmark.

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