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Have you seen Cabin by the lake?

This was a movie I watched years ago. I just saw it again on Sci-Fi a couple of hours ago. Great movie.


Yea, I've seen the second movie also. And I agree it isn't as good. But still good.

Update 2:

No, no sandra bullock. I said years ago. Not newly released. It stars Judd Nelson. (I think thats his name)

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    This movie suprised me! I was flipping thru the channels one day and got scared by the girl at the bottom of the lake with her eyes opened. It totally made me stop and watch the rest. I agree, good movie. Kept me in suspense. I haven't watched the second one though. Judd Nelson always makes a good creep. lol

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    Are you talking about the Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Cabin by the Lake? Yes Recently my husband and I rented that, It was a Fabulous Tear Jerker

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    It is good, they have part 2 also, it's not as good as the first.

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    My daughter was just telling me this A.M. about this movie and said it was really good

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    It was really good but for a minute or two i wuz confused but it wuz all perfect in the end!^_^

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    i saw that movie years ago and had no idea micheal weatherly aka tony dinozzo on ncis was in it.

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