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My baby moving?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and just recently started feeling my baby girl kick hard. Not the "butterflies" but acutally hard kicks or movements. But she always seems to kick/move in the exact same spot. Is this normal? When I see her the ultrasound she is moving from one side of my stomach to the other, but 90% of the time I feel her kick in the same lower part of my body. I was just wondering if it was normal for her not to really move positions so much.

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    Eventually you'll feel her move. Right now she's just in one place--there's nothing wrong with that. If you were to stop feeling her kick, THEN be worried. RIght now she's fine.

    When my son was at 33 weeks, I was in the hospital with preeclamspia. When they would listen to his fetal movements, you virtually see him pass from one side to the other.

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    I am not a doctor but I have had 3 kids, so my answer is that when I was pregnant with my first I remember feeling his head in the same spot all the time. Of course I knew it was his head because it was bigger then a foot and it felt like the head was pushing on my belly. Pretty painful if you even rubbed that spot on my belly. So I think it's normal for them to not always be doing flips and such. Good luck and congrats

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    I am assuming that is natural. When I was pregnant with my daughter and they would take an ultrasound (every week) she was always kicking my bladder. Just keep notice of it and make a chart of her movements to let the Dr. know at next appointment.

    Source(s): Mother of a 4 year old.
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    im glad that you asked this question because i am 23 weeks pregnant (also having a girl :)) and she kicks often and it is mainly in the same spot, my right side and i was wondering if that was normal too. Im sure it is though! Best of luck!

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    thats compleatly normal. Just wait untill you can actually SEE her move. That was the best part for my pregnancy. my husband however... got grossed out by it. But as far as just feeling her in one spot is compleatly normal. Its when you dont feel her move that you need to worry. Enjoy the movements thats what i miss the most about being pregnant. Congats oh the baby too!!! its the most fun you'll ever have!!!

    Source(s): mother of a 4 month old happy healthy girl who only moved on the left side of my body and wouldnt let her grammy touch her! lol
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    Some babies move around more than others. Feeling a jab in the same spot most of the time is completely normal.

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    I am 27 weeks... for the most part, my baby is exactly the same. She kicks the same spot and punches the same spot. Every once in awhile I can see her head poking up. They just find comfortable spots and don't want to move. I hope my daughter isn't born with a crease in her head from me trying to readjust her when she jams it up into my ribs. Wait until you can see your belly jump when she moves, coolest thing in the world, I could watch it for hours.

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    ur tummy is such a small space so it is very normal and it maybe in the same spot but it could be different parts of your babys boby good luck and congrats i am 26 weeks do u know what you are having mine is a boy

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    I sometimes think they have preferences for comfy positions inside.. My son always seemed to hook his little toes up under my rib cage.. You could actually see the soles of his tiny feet jutting out on my stomach.. He would always seem to do this more while I was driving.. I had to pull over and gently push his little toes out from my rib cage.. he would get mad it seemed and thrash around for a few minutes after this inside.. OH it was so uncomfortable.. I really think this was his favorite position inside.. He did this for weeks before his position changed after that (Thank God) my ribs were getting sore by this point.

    anyways.. congrats on your pregnancy and goodluck! enjoy!

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    totally normal. you usually don't feel everything going on in there until later on. a lot of time baby find a "comfy" spot.

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