need help with my physics homework.?

a marble is rolled down a ramp and off the table with a horizontal velocity of 1.2m/s. the marble falls in a cup placed 0.51m from the table's edge. hoe high is the table?

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    first get the time from the horizontal motion t = .51 / 1.2 s (uniform motion, no acceleration here)

    then use h = 1/2gt^2 for the vertical motion (with initial velocity zero)

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    well, since the hoizontal velocity was 1.2 m/s and the horizonal distance is .51 meters:

    t=.51/1.2=.425 seconds

    The marble was in the air for .425 seconds. How far can it vertically travel in that time? We use 9.8m/s^2 for gravitational acceleration (and we know the vertical velocity at the time of launch was 0):


    =2.08 m

  • 1 decade ago

    0.80m, obviously

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