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himlayalan cat, need papers?

i have a full blooded himlayalan cat, i know its full blooded, the woman i got it from has the papers for the cat, but she is having some problems right now. how can i get papers on this cat is it possible,to get it online w/o having proof of something, like the parents or whatever

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    Unfortunately you have to get the papers off the breeder. She is the only one that can/should've registered the litter. If you believe she's deliberately with-holding the papers/ you've been waiting quite awhile then I would contact the cat association she claims to be registered with. If you don't know what association she's registered with just ask her. Make sure you know her breeders prefix before you call (Usually the name of the cattery). They may be able to help.

    You really should've been given the papers when you picked up the kitten. There's no reason she shouldn't have given them to you.

    Sadly it is quite common for people to claim their kittens are registered, charge the extra couple of hundred dollars and then just never register them (usually because they're not registered breeders)

    Good luck!

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    As far as I know, you will have to get then from the breeder. She should have registered the litter, but you have to have the form from her to register the individual cat. I hope the lady did not sell you a cat that she said was registered when it really wasn't?

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    You will have to get the papers from the woman herself

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