which system is better:ps3,xbox360 or nintendo wii?

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    The PS3 isn't out yet.. so I can't see a lot of answers for that.. however I can say, I love the PS2, though I hear the XBox is good. I haven't tried the NWII, but I think its most likely good, but not as good as the other two.

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    Since technical info has already been said, I'll just add my personal opinion here, plus a few things i've read.

    Both X360 and PS3 are only focusing on improving graphics. All games are the same as PS2 and XBOX games, the oly difference being the graphics.

    Now: You may consider that wonderfull, I personally don't.

    Wii not only will revolution gameplay with its new controller, but also all the games are innovative and unique.

    Lot of big companies are working on exlusive titles for wii, plus some titles that were being developed for PS3 were cancelled.

    On the other hand X360 is not doing very well with sales.

    Also: What do you consider to be more realistic? Graphics that look a bit more like the real life or moving your hand in order to wing your character's sword?

    I will for sure but a Wii next week :)

    Good luck making your choice!

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    Depends on what you like.

    Edit: To dispute the chick below, all consoles can play DVDs and the only reason PS3's will be special in any way is because it is blu-ray and that means the discs are multi-layered giving them the ability to store a lot of information. Although it doesn't really matter because no game needs more than 5gb. The HD-DVD, the one Microsoft supports, stores ~25gb, which no game or movie even needs near the amount to be able to be stored. So you're just wasting cash on the PS3 blu-ray crap. As for the graphics card, PS3 has one slightly better than the Xbox 360 but that would be expected because it came out a year later. Anyways it isn't that much better and the Xbox 360 gaming companies will have a lot more experience with the console and the games so the 360 will be used to its potential.

  • At this time, I'm tempted to say the Xbox 360, for the following reasons: 1) it's considerably cheaper, 2) there's a better selection of games, and 3) my present understanding is that graphics on the PS3 are only marginally better.

    Then again, the PS3 hasn't come out yet, so perhaps this opinion is somewhat premature. As for the Wii, I can't really comment, as I know very little about it besides the fact that it's going to be very small (about the size of three DVD cases stacked together), and it will make extensive use of motion detecting controllers.

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    Xbox 360 by a long shot. Better games, Better online, HD-DVD, and Cheaper than PS3. The Nintendo Wii is also an exceptional system.

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    (I've had the privilege of playing both the Wii and the PS3 earlier this year at a gaming convention, so I'm working off of my knowledge of both of these consoles)

    While the PS3 features better graphics than the XBOX 360 or Wii, it's obviously the most expensive at $500 or $600. It does include a Blu-Ray player (Blu-Ray is a fancy new kind of disc), however it's not even guaranteed that Blu-Ray will catch on (Sony is the company really pushing it) as it is competing with HD-DVD. Many developers are staying clear of developing games for PS3 due to its high development costs and low supply. For example, Electronic Arts, an extremely large game developer, has decided to dedicate 40% of its efforts to Wii, 40% of its efforts to XBOX 360, and 20% of its efforts to PS3. Many hardcore gamers will choose PS3, however, due to its more mature content library. It's more of a digital media device or computer than a gaming console.

    XBOX 360 is a successful console, and definitely the best for online play with its XBOX Live network. It has a very diverse library of games available, and it will continue to have some great games for a while. Its graphics are advanced as well. An add-on is now available that plays HD-DVDs, which analysts estimate will slightly overtake Blu-Ray discs to become the popular disc format in the future.

    The Nintendo Wii is an entirely different ballgame. It's the least expensive of the consoles, at $250. It's also the least powerful graphics-wise. What it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in gameplay. It introduces an entirely new way of playing games - the controller has fancy motion-sensors built in as well as a pointing device. With this, instead of pressing buttons like you would with a traditional controller, you swing the controller like a tennis racket, slash it like a sword, swoosh it through the air like a football pass, or hold its sides and steer it like a steering wheel. With its Virtual Console feature, you can download over 20 years of classic games from NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and TurboGrafx consoles. Many developers have flocked to Wii due to its new and unique capabilities, as well as its popularity. Like the 360, the Wii will have a very large number of games being released for a long while as well.

    In the end, its truly up to you to decide which one is better. The PS3's graphics look excellent, but from first-hand experience I can say that the Wii is more enjoyable to play. After using the Wii's motion controls, playing games on regular controllers with buttons feels unnatural.

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    I think the PS3 will be great because of the DVD player they put in it and the Wii is great because of the motion to it. I don't care for XBOX at all because it doesn't have any good games like the playstation or the wii system will (i am going off the current gamecube games available). I won't be buying on anytime soon, mainly because it isn't worth the hassle from not enough being put out in time for the holidays. I will get them in a couple years.

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    I would have to say that the ps3 is going to be the best. It WILL end up having twice as much games as 360 and the graphics will br just as good or better. Just give the ps3 a little time, the games will start coming out the wazoo in a couple months. (also, according to the geek, the ps3's processor is indeed a bit faster.)

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    It has great graphics, Internet, instant messaging, your able to put movies, music and pictures on it, Blu-ray disk player, DVD player, wireless motion sensored controlling(just like the wii), able to hook up your PSP to it, you can also play PS2 and PS ONe game on it, and there are many great games, like Resistance Fall of Man. So i'd go with the PS3.

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