how do i know if a guy likes me?

this guy and i met in 7th grade. he and i started out being nice. as time goes by, he started to irritate me. he was so annoying. we had class together. in 9th grade, we also had class together. he started poking me and i told him to stop many times but he didnt. he also kicked my backpack for no reason. i told him to stop talking to me but he only stop for one day and then the next day, he talks to me again. since i have two or three different groups, he makes me so mad that i dont hang out with my other friends anymore. i have guy friends to talk to but some of them is part of the group that he is in. i just feel like he has something to say to me

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    well everything that he is doing is because he likes alot.

    he irritates u

    he annoys u

    he pokes u

    that is one way that he wants to grab your attention in an immature way. I did the same thing when i was a little kid but i was to afriad to tell her to tell her that i like her. Just talk to him and tell him straight up if he likes u or not. If not.

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    1 decade ago

    he wanna u 2 notice him

    guyz do tat lolz

    wen they tease u

    wen they always try 2 tok 2 u

    wen they always look in2 ur eyes

  • well, seems like he likes you. If you dont like him than well , why do you care. anyways, if you do liek him, let him know..he just seems confuzed. I never did this, so i cant say why people do these things when they lek someone.

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    1 decade ago

    You're too young to know.

    Stay in school.

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