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Would you consider 5'7 138 lbs fat or over weight?

Do you think I am fat or over weight? I quit smoking use to be under weight at 100 lbs wearing size 1's and 3's now I wear 7's and I wonder if I am fat.

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    No. You're not fat or overweight. You're the right weight for your height. Your weight range is 128lbs - 160lbs, so you fall in the right area.

  • Meg
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    Nope, 138 pounds is the perfect weight for someone of your height. You are right smack-dab in the middle of the "normal" weight range for your height and would not be considered "overweight" until you hit about 158 pounds.

    So, if you are feeling "fat," you may want to consider seeing a counselor to talk about body image issues. You might also try stepping up your exercise routine, because seeing how strong and healthy your body really is might go a long way towards making you feel better about how you look.

    Source(s): I'm a medical librarian.
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    Your in the minority, most american women are size 10 and above. If being 5'7 and 138 is healthy, enjoy it. Quitting smoking was the best decision you could have ever made. If your really worried about your weight, talk to a personal trainer, they might be able to help. Also, a therapist, being "fat" is probably all in your head.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    No, I'm sure you look great. That is a perfectly good weight for someone your height. For women, a general rule of thumb is for 5 feet tall you should weigh approximately 100lbs and then every inch after that 5lbs. So, someone your height should be around 135lbs give or take 10lbs. Don't stress.

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    I understand that because you have gone from a size 1 to a size 7, it may seem like a big leap, but you are not in any way overweight or fat. You sound ideal and to be honest, 100lb is very underweight for your height. You sound much more healthy now, especially as you have stopped smoking! Well done. HTH : )

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    That depends on your bone structure. You sound petitte if you were 1 and 3, you must have been very slender when you smoked. When you quit, your body doesn't have all the poisons in it any longer and is healthier, thus you are now more filled out.

    I suggest to keep yourself toned, increase your activity level, walking is very good, at least 20 minutes a day. Eat healthy, drink water, no fatty foods or junk and no sodas.

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    Ummmm who do you use as a scale of what is over/under weight????

    I'm 5'7" at 115 and look like a flippin lolipop...yes im under weight and would give anything to get up to my NORMAL weight of 130-150.

    Grant it, there's many programs out there talking about "obese america" and even more programs showing off skinny lil models that will blow away with a good strengthed wind....programs that conflict each other and add to the confusion of what is "normal".

    Well, personally speaking my dear, i would rather have a LITTLE extra chub to hold me down during typhoon season than to look like a flippin anorexic, crack wh*r*, or a darn lolipop.

    You are far from being overweight and NOOOO you're not fat. If anything you are within your normal range.

    I'm in the military and according to our weight charts, I still have 30 pounds to go to reach my max weight, so that would still give you (cuz we're the same height) about another 10 pounds to go and even then that wouldn't put you on the obese scale.

    Also, sweetpea, keep in mind...muscle weighs more than fat...if you are working out, you will have more weight but will still be healthy and NOT fat.

    Measure yourself by fat percentage rather than by weight alone.

    Actually....measure yourself by the weight of your heart rather than by your physical weight cuz honestly that has more of an effect on a person's personality than physical apprearances.

    I've found the most physically attractive men can be the biggest jerks vs the less attractive but big hearted ones. And most guys i talk to (remember im in the military so there are plenty to talk to hahaha), find girls with confidence in themself, a sense of humor and a light hearted positive personality to be the most attractive ppl they know regardless of their physical weight or attributes. Being true to yourself and happy with who you are shows in your appearance more than pounds and jean size.

    Now stop fretting ova the weight, go have a snack, take yourself out and treat yourself to something good. You deserve it...quitting smoking is an accomplishment....did you reward yourself for it or have you shadowed your accomplishment with self pity ova a few pounds......go on girl....get out there and reward yourself for giving up the cigs and forget about the lil pounds :0)

    take good care and congratulations on your accomplishment...both in quitting smoking and for reaching a good weight for your height :0)


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    hell no you are a perfect weight for your height trust me i am 5'7 and i would love to only weigh 138

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually you're at your ideal weight and have room to spare up to 142 pounds. You are FAR from fat!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    138 is very healthy. Not fat at all!

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