Why would a woman who I never met, defend my boy-friend for me?

My boy-friend and I have a daughter together. He works in a lounge. There are many women (female customers)who will try to flirt with him. He tells me that there's a woman who works at the bar and she yells at the women to step off because he's married. He told me he had shown my picture to her and she's been defending him ever since. She makes sure she does me the favor of not letting those girls touch him. He says that they both became friends because of that. Should I be greatful to her for having my back (which I haven't met) or should I be worried if she wants to have him for herself?

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    Until you go up there and meet her for yourself, think of her as a woman that believe in respect in relationships. But go up there and meet her, thank her for keeping the wolves away, you are doing this for 2 reasons. 1- So she can see what a lady you are and 2- To let her know, you are his lady (without saying those words).

    Maybe she had a problem with women bothering her man and don't want any other woman to go through that. You won't know until you go up there and meet her.

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    Get a job! Your husband isn't in school 24/7 so there is no reason he can't help with the kids while you work! Find a job in the evening when he's home - he can study after the kids are in bed - like so many other single mothers manage to do. OR He can get a part time job...funny, my brother-in-law just completed his masters. Works full-time and has two kids - but still managed...your husband has no excuse! Once you have a job - save your money and MOVE OUT. With or without him...you may all have to squish into a small 2 bedroom apartment but it would sure as heck be better than living where you are now. YOU CAN DO IT!

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    I would meet this woman before I came to any conclusions. she may very well have your best interests at heart. but your boyfriend should really be the one to tell other women that he's taken, and not interested. and maybe he could be on the look out for a new job, as long as he's working in a lounge, there's always going to be the combination of alcohol and women who've had too much of it. and no good ever comes of that.

    Good Luck with everything.

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    Some women respect a man with a family and don't want to see other women tear it apart. Maybe she is hoping that both of you stay together to raise your daughter in a happy home. She may have always wanted that for herself and is trying to make sure that some child has a safe home.

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  • I think you should try and meet her one of these days. From what you say, she doesn't sound like much of a threat but you never know. If I were in your situation I would meet the woman for lunch or something and let her know that your hubby has told you how she keeps women off of him and thank her for it. Try to become "friends" with her even if she does seem threatening. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

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    your in danger! i think your boyfriend is having an affair with that woman since it says she does you a favor (hmmm)?they might become friends(another hmmm)? get your man on check either rough it up in bed and make him wish he had you all day or just meet him at his work if you can in his off time and give him somtin somtin you kno it so he knows that you wont let him go!

    im sry i just have to say this is some deep sh!t

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    She could very well want him for herself. If it was a mutual friend between you and your husband (like maybe if she were also married) then maybe it would be different. but this woman doesnt know you. why would she be defending him for you??? Everyone has their own motives. Watch your man, girl.

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    Listen and be very wise.You say thankyou but I think my man can handle these woman .Tell your man at home first that I think that I'ts nice that she's trying to stick up for me but I feel uncomfortable as your girl that she is doing that.WHY?Brownie points.woman drive me nuts. Stay on top and don't let you guard down cause if you do he will run from you.

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    Just trust your bf. that is all there is to it...TRust him as an adult. He will appreciate it and will remember this no matter what temptations will come his way. This trust you will be giving him, will even make him stay away from them. So quit worrying and be a good gf instead..

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    I think you should appreciate what she has done for you. Maybe she has been cheated on in the past and doesn't want to see it happen to you. It really doesn't sound like she's interested.

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