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Im i pregnant?

I am 31 days late and i dont know what to think is the second time this happens to me and im regular the last time i was 2 or 3 months late but at the end i had my period and now i dont know what to do i want to have a baby and im scared that i might not be pregnant and if im not im scared of not being fertile, i really need help i need to know whats wrong with me.

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    You need to take a pregnancy test!! Either buy one or go to your local health department, planned parenthood or go to the doctor. It's possible that your not pregnant at all. There are many different reasons for skipped or late periods: stress, losing weight, and exercise are some of them.

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    Early pregnancy symptoms include: sore breasts, peeing a lot, tired all the time, cramping, nausea, mood swings. If you're experiencing any combination of these you might be pregnant. Have you used a home pregnancy test? Use one with your first pee in the morning because the urine is more concentrated then.

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    31 days late and no pregnancy test? You should prolly just go to your dr and find out whats happening to your body right now. Good Luck and Congrats if so!

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    Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. But just because you're not doesn't mean that you are infertile. If you're not pregnant but having irregular periods you should see your gyn. It could be a sign of a few different things, which can be easily treated whether you want to get pregnant or just need to regulate your cycle.

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    Why don't you take a pregnancy test. You know , they now have these digital reusable tests , so like you could test now and if you wanted to make sure a couple of days later, you could test again. I wish I had your problem. I have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years. If only it were that easy for me.

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    Make a Dr. appointment, and in the mean time take a home pregnancy test.

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    There are many right and wrong answers, you could be under stress, which can cause repeated delays in your cycle, your age could be factor, medications such as antibiotics, probiotics, herbal remedies, fat burners, change in your diet and excercise, being severly underweight or overweight can cause fluxeations, in your cycle, seek medical advice and attention, worrring will only cause further delays in your cycle.....

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    this question is getting old on this site...go to the f*cking doctor or take an ept then go...

    if u show symptoms and u've f*cked recently chances are yes (especially if u havent used protection, or skipped a day on the pill or w/e)

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    consult your doctor. asking here what might be wrong is not the safest or most reliable information. talk with your doctor on this please as it would be the safest way to rule out medical problems causing you to not get pregnant or irregular periods

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    Go see a gynecologist for a physical exam.

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