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Should they still be friends?

Okay i have these two friends we will call them Bill and Steve. Well Bill went out with this girl and then this girl had broken up with him, because he had treated her badly and like she was his property. Well after that Steve had asked out Bills ex gf and they started going out, well Bill told Steve that if he didnt break up with her then he would no longer be friends with him. So like Steve had a fake break up with the ex in front of Bill so he would be satisfied and happy. A few days later the ex went up to Bill and asked if he had hated her and he said a little bit. So like would you call Bill a good friend for wanting Steve and the ex's relationship to end or would he be a bad friend or does he want his ex back? This is so confusing and they are really good friends to me, so help me understand whats going on and if Bill sounds like a good friend.

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    Bill is a A HOLE and Steve id dumb for trying to make him happy.....they both seem dumb...if steve really like the girl he would care-less of what Bill thinks

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    Bill sounds immature, jealous, and selfish. Steve isn't much better, he is deceitful, immature, and manipulative. The girl is being totally manipulated by these two "friends", but if she played along with the "fake break up" she is also trying to deceive someone . I hope they are all under 18, and have some time to grow up because it would be a shame for adults to behave this way.

    There is an "unwritten" rule among guys that they won't date each other's ex. Bills reaction sounds like he felt betrayed by Steve. I don't know the reason for Steve's behavior, he may just be socially uneducated, or he may believe "all's fair in love and war". In either case, neither of these guys cares about this poor girl. They are engaged in a power struggle between each other. I wish her luck and a swift recovery from the damage they will undoubtedly afflict upon her.

    Just sounds like 2 dogs fighting over a bone to me. Good Luck!


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    First of all Bill doesn't have the right to make steve decide between him or the girl.Steve was did wrong when he acted to brake up with that girl.None of them sound like bad friends they just made bad decisions.

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    Steve had no right eating out of the same bowl Bill ate out of.he was not a good friend.Bill had his issues with his ex and his friend took advantage of it.

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    i don't think steve is such a good friend, bcuz u should never go wit ur best friend's gal. that's the #1 rule n a friendship. it's called sloppy seconds! unless bill really likes this girl, mayb he should try settling the difference between the girl he loves and his friend becuz u shouldn't never choose another person over ur best friend!

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    Bill is not a good friend!!

    never will be thats the meanest thing ever

    dont waste ur time on thoose kind of ppl there not worth it!!!!

    f-u-c-k bill


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    shouldn't have threaten Steve with their friendship over a girl..

    which shows that Bill wasn;t a very good friend at all.

    and Steve should have more respect for Bill since they are "friends" since Bill and his gf just broke up.

    and give it time before asking the girl out.

    and well. Steve should have stuck up for him self. because its his social life .. his girlfriend. his LIFE. wtf does Bill have over it.


    since Steve lied.

    its watever.

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    bill sounds like a complete dick

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    you can never date your friends ex if you want to stay friends

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    sure maybe they should just go out

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