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Niece graduating early from high school. I have some questions for you.?

Will she be able to take her PSATS, SATS, and ACTS, in her junior/senior year? She will be 16 at that time. Since her sophmore year will be judged for getting into college what is the best way to get almost perfect grades besides listening and homework? Do colleges look at extra activites/volunteer work?

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    Yes, PSATs are offered in students' sophomore years (really just a practice test) and in October of students' junior years (this is the one that the National Merit Finalist organization uses as the starting point for naming finalists, semi-finalists, etc.) There isn't much money associated with that, just prestige, but colleges really like semi-finalists and winners. SATs are offered quite a few times during junior year and again during senior year. She'll want to take her SATs toward the end of her junior year..most schooling under her belt, still time to repeat if something goes awry. I don't know much about ACTs, other than more and more schools accepting them. She should take the highest level courses she possibly can in each subject, even if grades dip a bit. Colleges prefer seeing that someone challenges themselves. Good listening, note-taking skills ideal, along with homework, and asking for additional help when needed. Studying throughout the year, vs. cramming the day before also good. Absolutely, colleges look at extra activities and volunteer work, but they want to see that she's "passionate" about something...for example, played x sport for all of high school, or did y volunteer work for 2-3 years, didn't just try something different every few months. A very exciting time for your niece. I hope she enjoys every minute of it and finds a great "fit" for her college years. Have her register at if she isn't already. Newsletters, calendars, can register for tests on the site, get test results, etc.

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    I graduated 2 years early from high school-I took the SAT freshman year, retook it sophomore year. Definitely extra-curriculars are still important, but they will understand that she'll be a year less experience in that area.

    Remember something may be worth it for her to stay in high school an extra year if it means a top-flight college. I'm at a really good private university, but I sometimes wish I'd done another year of high school and gone to Harvard. So, make sure she realizes that it'll be difficult to get into those top tier schools without senior year.

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    Standardized tests such as the SAT and PSAT are available to take when the student is in any grade level. Since the student is younger than her other classmates and is preparing to graduate early, she should be preparing for the PSAT as a serious prelim to the SAT. Instead of focusing on perfect grades, I believe it is most important to focus on receiving information and learning skills that will benefit the student once she matriculates college or university.

    Certainly colleges do consider extracurricular activities such as music (band/choir/orchestra), sports, theater, dancing, student council etc. Use these talents to your fullest advantage by including them in your search for a college or university that will fit your needs. Good luck and congratulations to you on your achievements!

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    I graduated a year early myself and was able to take my ACTs no problem.

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    Yes to both questions, I'm fairly certain.

    Source(s): I'm a college grad.
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