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can u help me?

why does some pages on my internet say that im not allowed to view that page.

i think its something about the security settings on my computer but i dont know what, does anyone know?

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    At the top of your IE tool bar you will see "Tools", open and you will see "Internet Settings", an a box will appear. At the top of the box you will see "privacy", open and set to medium/high. Next open "security", which is right next to "privacy", and set "security", at medium only.

    This should resolve your problem. Unless you are a minor and your parents have software on your pc to control what websites you can view.

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    If it's web response that says something like "Error 401" or "Error 403" it is not a security setting on your computer, but rather it is that the website you are trying to visit has determined you don't have the correct permission to access that webpage. Either you need to provide authentication (log in) or it is not a URL that is supposed to return a webpage (such as a directory without a default webpage like for example).

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    yeah it is the security settings/or/ browser settings, maybe you just need to update your software

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    try to switch your security off.

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