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what is the best way to tell your boyfriend to hold hands in school?

I would love to hold my boy friends hand in school but he is to shie i think to do that how should i tell him that?

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    Tell him straight out. Chances are he wants to too.

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    Just tell him theres no way around telling him that. You could just try holding his hand instead of waiting for him to hold yours.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    dont you meen di@ok instead of hand you positioned the incorrect be conscious in there honey. flow forward and grab his di@ok yet you ought to be attentive to what all that ends up in dont you. HELL thats have been merely be acquaintances for now and it will all fall into place in time.

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    don't tell him, have the initiative to do it yourself

    he may be shy to do it first, but if he doesn't pull away then you can hold his hand anytime you want...

    ...but if he does, then talk to him about it

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    just stare at him and be the sweetest thing ever and soon his hormons will come 2 him lol its a guy thing

  • Cobra
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    1 decade ago

    put some super glue on your hands when you first meet at school.

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