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installed lexmark z23 and it will not print, i get the toolbar but when i click print nothing happens.?

i know my connections are right.i have windows xp i used wizard to get the toolbar,what am i forgetting to will feed the paper if i hold down both buttons and will print the bars to let me know that the print and the feeding sections are working;but has to be something i forgot to there a program i'm suppose to use.already went to op panel qnd hardward. please dumb answers please,lets act like adults.

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    lexmart printers need to have the drivers installed before turning on the printer. go to printers on your control bar. right click and select remove printer. make sure your printer is turned off. run the cd that came with printer. turn on your printer, winxp wizard will detect and intall printer. go to printers on control bar, find the lexmark printer icon, right click on it select properties then select print test page

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    I'm not familiar with that printer but I have bought printers that had a shipping tab installed to keep the head from ratteling around during shipment. Take a look under the printer and see if your has one. If not, you may have to return it. Printer set up under XP is pretty fool proof so it should be working.

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    you may attempt replug each little thing returned. additionally, how many cartridges are there? because of the fact in case you only have one there, you will acquire a warning message in the previous the printing starts (warning message asserting which you're lacking yet another cartridge). relies upon on your laptop, it could takes a together as for the message to ensue.

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    make sure that it is chosen as the default printer.

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